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Travel after miscarriage

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ElleLaBelle Sun 07-Feb-16 14:21:32

Hi mums,
Such a sad place for my first post... sad
My mc started on Friday (today being Sunday), at almost 7 weeks. Passed empty gestational sack on Saturday evening (apparently it was a blight egg), doc has been monitoring the whole evolution of the mc, advised on letting it happen naturally. Received misoprostol to help pass the womb lining as well, currently bleeding but not too heavily.
Now, the thing is, I'm supposed to leave for Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia) on Wednesday, with DH, DD (2yo) and some friends. The holiday should last 19 days. Tickets are non refundable and we cannot change the dates.
Doc advises against travel but admits that thus far everything has gone easier and better than expected. However, even in these cases, hemorrhage and/or infection can occur. She says that the destination worries her as well, as we will be traveling extensively and at times might be far away from proper medical care (the Mekong delta).
What do you lovely ladies think? I'm really torn here. Been planning and expecting this vacation for a long time, everyone is counting on me (I'm one of the organizers), would be super sad to stay behind but on the other hand, I'm really fragile (emotionally) right now, and also fear the possible outcomes of pushing my body too far by making this long journey. There's also my DD to think of, should something happen.
Would really really love to hear your opinions and/or experiences!
Thank you!

AbiBranning Sun 07-Feb-16 14:25:26

Do you have insurance? I personally wouldn't go, but ultimately it is your decision. But don't do it out of obligation. I am sure your family and friends would prefer you healthy over the holiday.

ElleLaBelle Sun 07-Feb-16 14:31:07

Yes, I do have insurance, so that aspect should be covered.
And I admit that feeling responsible for my friends is also an important component of my reluctance to just stay home and be safe.
Of course, they can go without me, as my husband and my father would both be there to lead the group.
I was just telling them today that I'd probably become depressed if I stayed behind while they all went and had that awesome vacation without me, especially in these circumstances (huge feeling of loss already...) but at least I'd be alive so that o can become depressed bitter smile

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