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Trying again after a miscarriage

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HorseMadLady1 Mon 01-Feb-16 15:54:39

Hello smile

I have recently had a mc, bleeing has finally stopped. Was just curious as to when people started to try again and how long you all left it till you did?

I know there is no set amount of time that you have to wait till you try again, just anxious if my OH and i try again too early i may mc again.

Anyone tried straight away and had a healthy pregnancy or had another mc?

i know we are all different, but just after some advise from people that have been in my situation. smile

Thank you x

shopaholic85 Wed 03-Feb-16 14:20:08

I'm sorry for your loss flowers

I had a mc 4 weeks ago. My DH and I started trying again as soon as the bleeding stopped and I had had BFN. I was lucky and my cycle returned to normal, so ovulated around the time I expected and I've just started my first period exactly when I would normally have done. Physically I was ready, but I have been obsessive with the symptom spotting and just more desperate than usual. Plus I had all the stress of returning to work after 2 weeks off. I don't regret TTC again immediately, as it gave me something to hold onto in the early weeks of grief, but it's been tough dealing with the idea that I may not get pg again so quickly.

I think your chance of having an mc again will be the same as any other woman regardless of whether you wait, unless you in a risk group.

I'm back to CD1 and will report on the Conception forum when I get my BFP.

Good luck x

Nousername2015 Wed 03-Feb-16 17:07:43

I'm sorry for your loss OP, hope you're doing ok and looking after yourself.

I had a mmc at 11 weeks in March 2015, first pregnancy. Chose to have medical management. Was advised to wait for one period before ttc which I did and then was fortunate enough to get a bfp in May. My little boy turned 3 weeks old yesterday.

I didn't enjoy pregnancy at all and I wasn't prepared for the anxiety to be with me the whole time, I thought I'd be ok after the first trimester. That said I would have probably been exactly the same if we'd have waited 6 months to try again.

Best of luck to you OP, wishing you well flowers

EchoesOfLeon Wed 03-Feb-16 17:34:43


I waited a month or two after my first MC and then it took 4 cycles to get a BFP. Unfortunately that also ended in MC but this time we tried straight away again on the advice of my Dr who said waiting or not waiting has no effect on the likelyhood of future losses.

Sorry if that sounds negative but it's not meant to be!! Basically, try when you are ready emotionally & physically and see what happens. Hopefully it works out for us all soon flowers

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