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No Heartbeat at 8 + 5 weeks | Early Pregnancy Unit

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DavidWFC Sun 31-Jan-16 20:19:22

Firstly I know I am not a female or a Mum but hope you do not mind me posting on the forum.

Myself and my partner were expecting our first child and there was a lot of excitement and joy, especially as I was told it was unlikely I could have children. When we found out my partner was pregnant, we calculated that my partner was approaching ten weeks using online calculators. We couldn't wait for an NHS scan so we decided to go for a private scan on Saturday, the sonographer couldn't see the baby by the normal ultrasound scan blaming my partner been overweight. The sonographer decided to do a vaginal scan as she said it would be clearer and allow her to see the baby and check all is well.

Following carrying out the vaginal scan, the sonographer explained that she could not see a heartbeat and she is confident that we had lost the baby. She stated that we would need to have a second opinion however as it was a weekend and nobody else was qualified to preform a scan she explained we'd need to visit the early pregnancy unit on Monday, she didn't explain if the GP would refer us or if this is a drop-in service?

We're obviously heart-broken by this news, however we did see our midwife earlier in the week before the scan and she explained that because of my partners weight we could struggle to see a heartbeat. Does this mean there could still be hope?

kavvLar Sun 31-Jan-16 20:35:17

I'm so sorry this is happening to you.

I know that any scan I had before twelve weeks was performed vaginally, not because of weight but because it is harder to see via the tummy scan at such an early stage.

You really need the second scan I'm sorry but no one here will be able to relieve your fears. I understand that you can just call the early pregnancy unit and they should see you as soon as they can.

flowers for you both and I wish you the best v

DavidWFC Sun 31-Jan-16 20:51:28

I've been reading other people's experiences on here and they talk about spotting, bleeding and pain. My partner hasn't been experiencing these problems and until we went for the scan there were no causes for concern. It's just hard to believe what could be confirmed by second scan.

charlotte1990 Mon 01-Feb-16 19:34:09

Hope all went well if you went back for a second scan today. Thinking of you and your partner

EllieJayJay Tue 02-Feb-16 01:05:59

Also thinking of you and your partner X

I hope all is ok

jassS Tue 02-Feb-16 14:38:39

Sorry for ehat you are gonig through! It is so sad....

Hoping for the best, but if the baby was measuring 8w5 days, it would be very very hard to miss a heartbeat if there is one. i lost at 9w3d last year (a missed mc as well, no bleeding, my more than tenth mc, the only one which had hb). I could see myself there was absolutely nothing pulsating to indicate a heartbeat.
On the other hand, if you think you are 8w5d, but in reality are less far along and the baby did not measure up to these dates, there might be more hope.

anastasiakrupnik Wed 03-Feb-16 13:48:56

I'm sorry you're in limbo like this. Our local epu is referral only but one in the next borough is drop-in/self-referral (phone-up), so hard to say in your case. Also i could go to the self-referral one next time i'm pregnant - you don't have to go to the nearest or the one you're registered at, if you have a choice.

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