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A poem for my due date

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GoulashSoup Fri 29-Jan-16 12:15:40

I had a miscarriage last June, today would have been the due date and I am feeling very weird. Quite reflective but very sad. I have tried to write a poem, it is clunky and I keep changing bits. I would really appreciate your thoughts on how to improve it, English has never been my strenght. It has been a useful distraction today and a way to collect my thoughts. Sorry to be so self indulgant.

To the Child I’ll Never Meet

My darling perfect little one
Who I’ll never get to meet,
I’ll never get to see your face
Your heart no longer beats,
I’ll never get to soothe your cries
Or hold you close to me,
You’ll never be my baby,
To the world you did not exist,
But you were mine and you were loved
You were wanted and you’re sorely missed.

I wonder who you could have been
What mischief was to be had,
I wonder what you would have looked like
Your little nose from me or Dad,
Would you have been an artist,
Or a talented musician,
An athlete or a scientist,
Or a life saving physician?
The answers do not matter
They were never meant to be,
But I loved all of your potential,
It was exciting to me.

I’m sorry that I have lost you
And can nourish you no more
But I will always cherish you
And hold you in my heart,
Thank you for all you’ve taught me
Through the lonely journey of my grief
But it is because of love that I have sorrow
And will be stronger and richer in time.
You were wanted and you were loved,
And I’m glad that you were mine.

amroc18 Fri 29-Jan-16 12:16:51

flowers xxx

GoulashSoup Fri 29-Jan-16 16:36:15

Thank you amroc, today has been harder than I had expected.

hopinghopefullyagain Fri 29-Jan-16 16:39:53

It's a beautiful poem which sums up the pain of losing a child so well. My dd was stillborn at 32 weeks. Some days are still very tough but I am finding that it gets a little easier

Frecklesfrecklesfreckles4 Sat 30-Jan-16 00:42:23

Very moving words, your poem has brought tears to my eyes thinking of the babies I've lost.
Don't worry about being self indulgent, the first anniversary of the due date is difficult and brings a lot of emotions to the fore.
Hope you have plenty of support in real life xxx

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