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Time to see someone?

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Bowserlovesmojitos Mon 25-Jan-16 16:06:00

Last week i'm pretty sure (as in 99.99%) sure I miscarried - total loss of symptoms, horrendous cramping, previous day a lot of clear fluid discharge and then copious amounts of brown/dark grey lumpy discharge but no actual red bleeding as such.
Previous mc was similar except for one instance of bright red blood on wiping and ended up having surgery.
However, i've been having non-stop brown/pink discharge and my boobs are are now feeling just as tender again although no other symptoms.
I was only 5 weeks so didn't go to epu as it seemed pretty conclusive but i'm wondering if I need to go get checked out in case it hasn't all cleared?
Anyone have similar experience or knowledge?

KittyandTeal Mon 25-Jan-16 16:07:23

No harm in seeing someone to check you out.

You hear stories of women having all sorts of bleeds etc and going on to have a healthy baby so you never know

Bowserlovesmojitos Mon 25-Jan-16 16:19:15

I think my mum is clinging on to the hope that i'm wrong but it was one of those moments where I woke up and just knew sad
You're right though, may be worth popping along just to check.
Thank you.

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