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Miscarriage clinics and private testing

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SamMac2016 Fri 22-Jan-16 15:36:52

I have been reading lots of threads on here from 2010 and just wanted to know if anyone has recently been to Dr Hassan Shehata at The Miscarriage Clinic in Surrey.

I live up in Scotland and have recently just suffered my 5th miscarriage and 2nd ectopic, we pursued our first round of IVF and had two embryos put up and both only made it to 8 weeks.

Now at a loss as to what to do next, but not quite ready to give up and go down the no children route I am looking at private testing to look into the miscarriages further and find out what's really going on, rather than just being told it's down to bad luck!

We have to wait three months before we can try again as have taken the Methotrexate drug for the ectopic.

Any recent experiences and success stories from these clinics in London or elsewhere greatly received.

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Historyhelen Fri 22-Jan-16 20:47:27

Hello! Yep - we are currently seeing mr Shehata. We either go to Harley street or his clinic in Epsom.
We had 2 miscarriages - one at 8w+5 and one at 4w+4. We decided to see mr Shehata simply because of our age as I'm 41 this year and DH is going to be 42 and I wasn't prepared to go through loads of miscarriages and then realise it's all too late. Thankfully we can get pregnant very easily (3 pregnancies out of 6 months of trying).
So we're seeing mr S. Heads up on money. It was approx £2500 for initial battery of tests (all just blood tests). Then costs will depend on the issue. I have high NK cells so drugs not too costly and my GP has put them on repeat prescription but I don't think all GPs would do this. Then when you are pregnant a scan seems to vary from £270 to £330 and you have about 4 or 5 if everything going well. For high NK cells you have an intralipid infusion (basically a drip that takes one to two hours) 3 or 4 times at £300 a pop. On my first intralipid infusion I had it done at home as the clinic was shut over Christmas - a private nurse comes and it's all really efficient. They may do this for you if you're up in Scotland.
We did get pregnant first time of trying after seeing mr s but sadly looks like it's going to end in another miscarriage. Had a 7w scan last week and yolk sac was too big but embryo measured fine with heartbeat. Had another scan this Wednesday and yolk sac was fine but baby had slow heartbeat and only 2 days bigger. Complete bummer. However, mr s did say that while treatment had high success rate for NK cells doesn't rule out miscarriage for other reasons eg chromosomal abnormalities which is highly likely given our age. So fingers crossed miscarriage won't happen naturally before I have the procedure so we can send away the embryo for testing. Then mr s will know if it was just bad luck (v v v v bad luck!) or if we need to increase dosage for NK cells.

When we found out on Wednesday we had to decide to have the procedure on NHS or privately with mr s. It was a no brainer. Mr s is very kind, sincere and genuinely wants to help. You honestly don't feel pushed for money - he's always up front about costs and explains how you can go NHS if you want (if it's possible). His team are absolutely lovely and you can ring Louise, the midwife, when you want. Don't get me wrong, encounters I've had with NHS after miscarriage have been brilliant - really kind- but you feel much more of a number in a system whereas I feel part of a team with mr s that are on this (hopefully not too long!) journey of getting our own screaming, pooing, non- sleeping bundle of joy!
Sorry if I've wittered on but I know when I first looked into this a thread on mumsnet really helped me find out information. Feel free to ask any questions - not sure I've got all the answers but I can give it my best shot! In fact, I'm going for another scan tomorrow to see if the heartbeat has stopped so I can squeeze in a few questions on your behalf!
Good luck x

333LuLu Fri 22-Jan-16 21:31:24

Hi, I'm currently registered with oxford fertility clinic, and coventry implantation clinic (oxford referred me for nk cell testing). Oxford suggested all the tests I needed and said they are happy for the nhs to do them and they'll carry out the consultations. Coventry are fab, straight talkers and really supportive. I will continue wits coventry. St mary's in London are supposed to be very good. Good luck xxx

trinabosein Mon 25-Jul-16 13:04:44

I have had direct experience with Dr Shehata and can say one thing..absolutely brilliant..i had 3 miscarriages all within 10 weeks from 2011 to 2014.I finally decided to go to Dr Shehata and the first thing you will notice about him is his confidence and his straight talk. He just told me leave it with me I ll handle go and enjoy and don't stress about your past miscarriages..and yes he handled it well..i was diagnosed with elevated NK Cells..started his medicine routine and now I am a proud mom of a 14 month old son jumping around like a monkey and not even letting me cook read eat..but all thanks to Dr Shehata and his team..

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