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As though recurrent pregnancy loss isn't shite enough, now my eyebrows are falling out

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BipBippadotta Thu 21-Jan-16 09:39:06

In the past 16 months I've had a full term stillbirth & 2 miscarriages.

After each pregnancy I lost a lot of hair. My ponytail is about as thick as my thumb, with mad sprouty bits of new growth tufting up on top. That I can just about deal with.

But now I'm also getting awful bald patches in my eyebrows. Thyroid was fine last time they tested. Will get it tested again just to be sure.

It's bad enough that I have stretchmarks and no baby. It's bad enough that I have a massive c section scar and nothing to show for it.

I'm just so fucking angry that on top of the heartbreak & horror of all my losses & the sadness of my ruined body I have the added indignity of Vanilla Ice eyebrows. WTF.

When does it get better? Does it ever?

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3littlebadgers Thu 21-Jan-16 09:49:52

Oh op sad I am so sorry you are going through this, I am here with a hand to hold. I lost my dd2 in March at 40+5 too, and experiances massive hair loss too afterwards, very patchy mostly around my hairline and eyelashes. It is just really crappy and mean. As if the loss isn't hard enough to deal with we have to put up with a further knock to our confidence. I now look like I am sporting two seperate hairstyles at the same time.
Do you have any friends who are good with make up who might be able to show you how to blend them in a little to make you less self conscious? Other than that I don't really know what to suggest. Are you looking after yourself food wise? I heard a low iron level can increase hair loss.

BipBippadotta Thu 21-Jan-16 10:08:54

Badgers I'm so sorry to hear about your dd2. God it's awful. Wishing you strength as the anniversary draws near. I found that very hard, but the anticipation proved much worse than the day itself.

Yes, the double hairstyle - like a fuzzy hat sitting atop my normal hair, steadily growing out into a Ziggy Stardust style mullet.

I'm eating healthily & taking every supplement known to man. I am probably made of iron at this stage.

I have fair hair; have tried filling in the holes with beige eyebrow pencil but it just looks a bit odd. Why can't my leg hair fall out instead? I wouldn't mind self-depilating legs. God. I'm just so pissed off with everything today.

First period since the last miscarriage - not pregnant again this month - probably explains the rage a bit.

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3littlebadgers Thu 21-Jan-16 12:28:48

Oh my lovely, you made me giggle with the leg hair thing! YES that would be lovely. Periods are hard, but I guess a sign our bodies are gearing up for something.
There is no winning with me. The lochia after dd2 was heartbreaking, like a reminder everytime I went to the toilet that she was gone, but then when it stopped, I was suddenly heartbroken that it was another little bit of my relationship with her that had ended too.
Take it one day at a time, and talk to whoever will listen, pm me if you need an ear and I will get back to you. My advice is shocking but my shoulder is nice and squishey.

BipBippadotta Thu 21-Jan-16 21:50:38

Thanks, Badgers <leans head on squishey shoulder>. Yes, the lochia. The horror of it, and then the loss of it, and the horrible callousness of time moving on and taking your body away from pregnancy.

Unfortunately I don't think my body's gearing up for anything except menopause at this point.

I just feel so old and tired and failing. I wish I didn't have bald eyebrows and mad hair, and I wish I didn't get pregnant again every time I finally lose the baby weight, only to miscarry again and have to lose that last 5 pounds again. I was never so concerned about my appearance before, but my body has become so alienating to me. On top of the desolation I feel like I'm being punished over and over again in little humiliating ways.

God what a miserable day. I'm going to bed. Thanks so much for listening to my rants, Badgers. I'll be thinking of you and your dd2.


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Newstart123 Sun 10-Apr-16 13:25:14

I understand completely. I had a stillbirth at 39 weeks in October and have just had to Tfmr at 12 weeks due to Acrania (no skull on baby). My hair has been coming out in clumps and litters every surface in the house. The regrowth is coming back a fetching grey colour. I am 3 stone overweight and have stretchmarks. Feel old, sad and tired. Planning on dragging myself to the hairdressers but can't be bothered with the whole 'how many children have you got' conversation x

BipBippadotta Fri 22-Apr-16 15:37:43

Just saw this post, newstart and I am so, so sorry for your losses. It's just so unbearably cruel. Saw your other post about returning to work and I also know the worry about being the weird lady whose babies die. So much shame around this, on top of all the sadness. I'm thinking of you. thanks

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redannie118 Fri 22-Apr-16 15:57:27

First of all so so sorry for your lossflowers
My sisters hair went like this after she had a emergency hysterectomy due to uterine cancer. She got so sick she shaved it all off and bought a gorgeous real hair wig. It was beautiful(and by her own admission better than her real hair !)she wore it and looked fab while her real hair grew back in, which it did and lovely and thick too
Your comment on vanilla ice eyebrows made me chuckle, I used the exact same words when my eyebrows fell out due to taking methotrexate. Im a redhead with very fair eyebrows and found a very light brown eyeshadow(applied with a wet eyeshadow brush)looked a lot more natural than crayon.

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