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8 weeks - looking for practical advice please

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PeppaPigStinks Tue 19-Jan-16 06:32:49

I am gutted. This baby was a surprise but a happy and wanted one.

I have been really poorly with a kidney infection and had some bloody discharge on Saturday. I can't help but thinking i should have pushed to be admitted to hospital as I was so poorly at the weekend.

I had nothing yesterday but again last night and this morning the bleeding has got heavier.

I've got a scan tomorrow but I have a feeling it is over. I don't feel as sick as I was feeling.

Can anyone give me any advice please? How much time should I take off work?

Are there any other practicalities I need to think About?

I have no sanitary towels so need to get some (don't tend to use them) Ae there any suggestions?


Lou2016 Tue 19-Jan-16 14:48:24

Hi PeppaPigStinks, I am sorry you're going through this worry. How is your bleeding now? Also, i'm sorry to hear you've been suffering with a kidney infection, that must be really unpleasant especially when pregnant.

I have to reply because coincidentally, I too on Saturday (at almost 9 weeks pregnant), had a brown discharge... Sunday a bit more... then Monday (yesterday) quite a bit more so I went for a scan yesterday morning. Bad news it was for me .... no longer a heartbeat detected. Yesterday afternoon the brown blood started to change to dark red.....and waking up this morning it was heavy with clots... (nothing major though and I was told to expect this so no shock or anything) and later this morning I feel that I passed the sac whilst going to the toilet. I am so sad as this is now my 3rd loss and I am not even a Mum yet.
In terms of the actual miscarry which is the first one I have let happen naturally, for me it has been just like a heavy period, the pain a little more severe than period pains. Saying that, the hospital yesterday did give me come co-codomol pain-killers which I think have really helped so I would recommend that as long as there aren't any medical reasons not to take this.
I have been using "Always" sanitary towels, the heaviest flow ones (night time ones) and they are doing the trick well. I am keeping my feet up and drinking lots of water which is really helping. I have been told by the early pregnancy unit today that the bleeding should only be heavy for a couple of days and then will level off into a normal period that will last around 2-3 weeks. 3 weeks from today I have to do a pregnancy test to check everything is clear. They told me if by Thursday this week the heaviness has stopped, then if I feel up to it, I can go into work.
Everyone is different remember, and each person must go by how they feel.
I hope this has helped prepare you for the worst but I truly hope your bleeding does not turn out to be the same reason as mine...
One thing that makes me feel blessed is when I see other women on here who miscarry at 20 weeks plus.... it makes me feel lucky that my body decided at such an early stage that it "wasn't meant to be" this time, and therefore giving me yes a sad experience but not half as bad as what other women go through.....
Take care and sending you warm wishes and try to stay relaxed. x

PeppaPigStinks Tue 19-Jan-16 19:02:26

Thank you so much for your reply Lou2016 and I am sorry you are going through this thanks

PeppaPigStinks Tue 19-Jan-16 19:10:04

Sorry I clicked the wrong thing and posted too soon.

The bleeding is quite heavy now - is no longer describe it as spotting although it is stop-start which is annoying! I guess I just need the 'closure' tomorrow at the scan. I am not surprised - it took two weeks for my little surprise to show up on a pregnancy test.

I feel so silly as I have told some people as well so i need to now tell them about this.

I am sorry you have been through this before.

Zabzab Tue 19-Jan-16 19:13:23

Hello ladies,
Sorry you are both here on this forum. If it can help, I found the following thread incredibly useful to get ready in terms of practicalities, hope it can help you too.
In the meantime, take good care of yourselves and take it easy.

Lou2016 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:21:57

Hi PeppaPigStinks, wishing you all the best for tomorrow and totally with you on how you must be feeling.
As for the fact you've told people, I did the same! But when I asked myself the question if I hadn't told them and then went through it secretly, I'd still want to tell those people i'm going through a loss anyway so am glad they knew about my pregnancy as they have been on the journey with me if that makes sense.
For now, just focus on you and stay strong. Hot drink brew and early night is best you can do right now. x

Lou2016 Tue 19-Jan-16 20:22:55

Thanks Zabzab 👍 smile

PeppaPigStinks Wed 20-Jan-16 06:55:50

Thank you for your words Lou - I am sorry you are also going through it.

PeppaPigStinks Wed 20-Jan-16 06:56:15

Thanks for the link zabzab! wink

PeppaPigStinks Wed 20-Jan-16 15:37:27

I've got a subchronic hematona so that is what is bleeding. The baby was ok but I don't think I am out of the woods yet.

I'm trying to take it easy!

Lou I really have everything crossed that you become a mummy. Your replies were so kind. Thank you thanks

Lou2016 Wed 20-Jan-16 18:45:37

Hey PPS, that's so good to hear that baby is well! What a relief! This is a good sign at 8 weeks and I believe SC is common and gives no reason not to go on to have a healthy baby.
So, keep chilling out and stay worry free if you can i know it's hard!
Thank you for your kind wishes. I already have my gyneo appointment through for 8 Feb to start investigating whether there's any reason why I'm not maintaining my pregnancies. At least i'm on the road now which is good.
All the best for now and keep us posted! smile

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