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What to expect after miscarriage?

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Anneddd Thu 14-Jan-16 02:25:02

I had a natural miscarriage a few days ago. I have only mild cramping and bleeding still. Just wondered what others experienced? I'm just scared of having retained any tissue (which happened in my first miscarriage). With last MC and retained placenta, I had a lot of bleeding. This time the bleeding is like the middle of my period (light to moderate) and cramping is very mild. I just remember first MC, after placenta removed by doctor, it seemed like I quickly stopped everything (bleeding/cramps). I know I did pass placenta this time, but is it possible there is still tissue or am I being paranoid?

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redstrawberries101 Thu 14-Jan-16 10:35:14

Sorry to hear you are going through this sad If you are concerned I would contact GP or the Early preg unit at your local hospital. I miscarried last week with medical management and had a scan yesterday to confirm everything has passed. I don't think you can be too careful in these situations. My bleeding is like the end of a period now but the cramps are a bit stronger. I was assured this would settle too in a couple of days.

How far along were you?

Anneddd Thu 14-Jan-16 23:40:54

I was 8 weeks but baby measured 7 weeks 5 days. Today the bleeding has actually been minimal. So I think I'll wait and see. I also haven't had any cramping. I think my experience of retained placenta scared me. They did a scan after that one, and that sure is reassuringsmile Being at home and having to read your own symptoms isn't as reassuring!

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alduxbury Sat 16-Jan-16 07:24:46


Missed miscarriage was found at 10 weeks, baby around 7 weeks. I'd been spotting for four days by the time I got to the EPU for my first scan. They told me to wait a week for the second confirmation scan when we could then talk options. Bleeding got heavier in the week between - like the back end of a period. On Sunday the pain got worse and the bleeding became incredibly heavy almost out of nowhere. Literally and without being too graphic it was like someone had turned on a tap. Gushes of blood and at that point I passed the sac etc. Continued to bleed at that rate for around 4hours and was taken to hospital for replacement fluids due to haemorrhaging. I am still bleeding now, much like a period.

Please don't discount the light bleeding as the MC. If you are at all anxious call up the EPU again - it's always worth a checking.


redstrawberries101 Sat 16-Jan-16 11:13:35

Sorry to hear your experiences. It's really very tough. Don't underestimate how much it will take out of you physically and also mentally.

toomuchtooold Sat 16-Jan-16 19:11:44

When I had my first MC the doctor said it's not over till you stop bleeding. I had two natural miscarriages and both times there was a few days of light bleeding and passing tissue before and after the main miscarriage, which involved a lot of blood and was pretty painful. I don't want to put the wind up you, but if I were you I would get to Boots and get some paracetamol/codeine in case you have more to come.

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