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D&C under local anaesthetic

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MissClarke86 Tue 12-Jan-16 11:18:56

So today I found out my baby has gone and the sack still remains. This has been going on for weeks and I just wanted an answer, so am upset but relieved.

They gave me the options. Waiting for a natural miscarriage isn't an option for me...I've waited so long already, and can't bear to not know when things are going to happen. I teach and the thought of starting to miscarry at work fills me with dread. I also can't cope with sitting in a hospital bed having an induced miscarriage.

So I'm going for the D&C to get it over and done with, although stories of scarring do scare me.

They gave me a choice of general or local but I want it over as soon as possible and I want to be in and out, so I chose the local. Has anyone had this before? I'm not embarrassed by the lack of dignity, and I expect some weird sensations. I've never had a general and don't like the idea of it, and having to stay in hospital longer. Apparently it only takes 20 minutes so I'm hoping I can grin and bear it.

Has anyone else had one under local anaesthetic that can offer their experiences?

alduxbury Tue 12-Jan-16 13:33:43

Hi - didn't want to read and run. Sorry to hear your news, I had a missed miscarriage and spent just over a week waiting for a second confirmation scan. Unfortunately, nature won out and it happened naturally Sunday night which wound up on me being rushed to hospital.

D&C would have been my preferred option and I was going to opt for local as opposed to general. Someone I know had a D&C under local and described the strange sensations but that they didn't see anything and the level of discomfort of the procedure was no worse than a smear / internal scan - just took a bit longer. Their recovery was simple too - some light bleeding but a days rest and they just felt like they were having a period and were mobile and sleeping without issue. I know from speaking to you that you've had a long few weeks full of anxiety and worry so I think this is the best option for you.

I hope all goes well for you and you have a speed recovery.


RoTo72 Tue 12-Jan-16 18:35:01

Hi, I too had a missed miscarriage. I had d&c under general anaesthetic and was home within hours. There is v little anaesthetic given and the op lasts only 20min. Physically I found it the easiest option and recovered quite quickly.

Ipdipdo Tue 12-Jan-16 20:06:37

I had an MVA last Thursday under local. I took ibuprofen and codeine before. They gave me tablets to soften the cervix an hour before. Being completely honest it hurt, for me it was more painful than a smear but it will depend on your pain tolerance. It may also depend on the doctor performing it. At the time I wished I'd had a general as the after pains were full on, but looking back I'm glad I chose local.
They also could scan me at the same time so they could see what they were doing, as opposed to general where they didn't have the option to scan at the same time as removing which I guess means there r less chances of accidental damage or leaving some behind.
The recovery for me was good. Tiny bit of spotting the same day but nothing since. Mild cramping but again minimal. I rang epu today to check that this was normal and they said it was and to take a pregnancy test on Friday and it should be negative.

BlueCalicoBlue Tue 12-Jan-16 22:08:05

I have had three mc. Each very different.

The first was horrid, heavy bleeding, went to hospital wearing DS 1's nappy. I lost loads of blood and had D&C under general and then 2 units of blood. Still went home that afternoon though.

The second I had a general and a D&C on the afternoon of the scan. The op was about 20 mins and I went home as soon as I came round. No pain and only bled a few days.

The third, I decided to let nature take its course. It bled on and off for a few days. Then I had an afternoon of very very heavy bleeding, I was at an off site meeting and was terrified that I was going to bleed on the chair at clients offices. The next day I was fine, and it felt less traumatic than the D&C, strangely I felt more in control.

With regard to pregnancy tests, with my last two, I was still showing positive tests for 3 weeks.

Good luck, it is horrid, just do what feels right for you.

DearTeddyRobinson Tue 12-Jan-16 22:12:33

I had a D&C under local (called MVA), it was very quick. Uncomfortable and a bit painful but bearable. Stayed on the ward for a few hours till bleeding slowed then went home. The bleeding afterwards wasn't that bad actually, neither was the pain (I've had worse periods).
I was so devastated by the news of my MMC that I wanted to get it 'over with' as soon as I could, so I chose this option and I'm glad I did. The staff were lovely & sympathetic and explained everything.
So sorry for your loss flowers

MimiLaBonq1 Tue 12-Jan-16 22:14:56

I had a d&c with spinal anaesthetic. It was very quick and pain free of course. I had to wait to regain feeling in my legs before going home. Then a few days of cramping and bleeding like a heavy period.

You can hear what they are doing and saying. You don't see anything. It was fine though, for me.

I know people who have had it done under a light GA/sedation. Do whatever you think will make it easier for you.

smellsofelderberries Wed 13-Jan-16 22:06:54

I have just had an ERPC on Monday under a general. It was my first time having a general and tolerated it very well, I was home a few hours after the op. I couldn't have handled a local, it was hard enough thinking of what was going to be done to me/what was done to me while I was out, I couldn't have witnessed it. It's such a traumatic time and feel that having to be aware of what they are doing would only compound that.

I was v sore afterwards- 48 hours later and I am still uncomfortable if I sit down a certain way/sit down too hard, but it's getting better.

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