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How long until negative test

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ScottishInSwitzerland Mon 11-Jan-16 09:09:42

I suspect this answer will be a bit 'how long is a piece of string'

I had a miscarriage on 16 December. I should have been 10-11 weeks. My initial scan on 13 Dec showed an empty sac but then a scan on 15 Dec showed something which looked like a yolk sac and embryo and measured about 7 weeks. The doctor said her colleague could not have missed that at the previous scan. But I'm not so sure and I'm kind of thinking things stopped developing around 7 weeks.
I had bloods done on 13th Dec and my hcg levels were particularly high (no idea what that actually means though).

Because my hcg levels had been so high I was told to go back about a week after the miscarriage. I did go back on the 22 December. I had an internal ultrasound and was told the baby had all gone but my endometrial lining was still really high (I had basically zero bleeding, before or since actually losing the baby).

So they prescribed progesterone which they said would make me bleed. I took the progesterone 22 Dec - 1 January.

But I still have not had any bleeding at all. I know in my heart I'm not pregnant. My breasts feel tender but not full. I don't have exhaustion or morning sickness. But I am still really gassy (for me burping is a pregnancy symptom) and a bit off some foods.
I'm assuming this is just because the hcg levels are dropping.

But in the absence of a bleed and the existence of some residual symptoms I keep half hoping maybe I am pregnant. I think doing a negative test would give me some closure. But I really don't want to take one too early because if it's positive it will be counter productive.

I'm thinking if I wait until a week on Wednesday, which will be five weeks since I lost the baby, (assuming I haven't had a bleed by then), that should be long enough and I can lay this to rest?

Sorry for the essay. Basic question - should 5 weeks be long enough or should I wait?

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ScottishInSwitzerland Mon 11-Jan-16 09:12:07

In case it's relevant - when I actually lost the baby I had extreme pain but no blood. The sac was right down at the cervix and was intact so it was removed without the need for a full on d and c

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Iggi999 Mon 11-Jan-16 09:16:19

You haven't been bleeding at all? I've had four mcs so can usually match my experiences up in some way, but I have never experienced that. Though I have been told a heather had stopped, and then and another week or two to wait before the bleeding began.
When I was pg with my last miscarriage I was given progesterone to try to maintain the pg, and I didn't start bleeding until I stopped taking it. I haven't heard of it being used to make someone bleed. It sounds to me as if you have retained products, a missed miscarriage I suppose, and I don't think it can be over yet - but I don't know everything obviously. It would be great to think you were still pg, but you would be so far on by now there would definitely be something on the scan. Can you go back again, is that possible?

Iggi999 Mon 11-Jan-16 09:18:54

Sorry missed your update! If sac has been removed then you may well be finished so to speak - your next period may be a bit heavier to accounts for no blood loss. Buy some tests and do one a week until you get a negative result. Sorry for your loss flowers

ScottishInSwitzerland Mon 11-Jan-16 09:23:36

I could go back. But I would need to sort out yet more childcare and I feel I used lots of favours in December. Not insurmountable.

But from an emotional point of view I hate the idea of going back to where it happened. And of having another yucky bloody scan.

The most bleeding I have had is that when i wipe after the loo my discharge has a little brown blood on it. Plus on a couple of isolated incidents a little fresh red blood went into my pad.

I have bought all manner of sanitary pads, expecting all manner of bleeding and it just hasn't happened.

The actual sac dropped (was pushed?) down when I was in lots of pain. Doc did scan, said it was right down at my cervix so she removed it. There was a bit of blood came out with that and the pad I put on later had a little blood, hard to say how much as I know pads maybe absorb more than you would think. But it looked like a desert spoonful. Nothing at all like I've imagined or read about.

As if this wasn't horrible enough. Maybe if I wait till next week, take a test and if it's positive go back to the hospital and tell them??

(On the progesterone - dr Google tells me it can be used in women who aren't having periods as a diagnostic tool - you should bleed when you stop the progesterone and if you don't it narrows down the reason you're not having periods. No idea about use after miscarriage)

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Iggi999 Mon 11-Jan-16 10:05:16

My experience has been - bleeding following by eventually passing the sac. When I had an erpc I didn't have as much bleeding - and that's kind of the order you've had, since the sac was removed first.
Your pg symptoms should die down as the hormones leave your body, and then a test would be negative. I think your plan sounds good, none of it feels good of course.

Loki17 Mon 11-Jan-16 10:43:28

At my hospital appointment today they told me I should get a negative test in 3 weeks. I passed the sac on Saturday and still have some lining to come away.

ScottishInSwitzerland Mon 11-Jan-16 16:08:15

Thanks for the responses. My head knows there's no way some mystery pregnancy survived the miscarriage. But I keep dreaming up scenarios where actually I am pregnant again already and that's why the lining hasn't come away.

Despite the fact I haven't had unprotected sex since beginning December. I just feel like if I did a test and it was negative it would stop my silly dreaming and help me come to terms with things (I have the added complication that DH really really does not want to try for another child so a miraculous unexplained pregnancy is my only hope of a baby)

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ScottishInSwitzerland Thu 14-Jan-16 11:22:37

So I cracked today and took a test - lunchtime so not first thing in the morning urine.
There was a very faint positive.

These past two days (basically since I've been thinking about it all too much!) I have started feeling more sick and gassy and quite tired too.

At least it confirms that I'm not totally imagining feeling a bit rough.

But as it was so faint im thinking either it's residual hormones from the pregnancy or I have somehow miraculously got pregnant in the few times we have had sex (using a condom) since the loss. I'm thinking number one is most likely.

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ScottishInSwitzerland Wed 20-Jan-16 15:51:57

Just thought I would update in case anybody comes across this when wondering when they will get a negative test.

I got negative 4.5 weeks after my loss.

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