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Moany moan about waiting in hospital

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Laddersinmybloodytights Fri 08-Jan-16 23:06:49

Bloody hell I'm so tired I could cry, been waiting in hospital since 7pm and have had blood pressure checked and a wee sample taken. Spoken to two people. So so tired and apologise if this is rambling but I'm s pissed off I'm still waiting to be seen at after 11pm.

Just found out before new year I was pregnant, went to see GP yesterday who was really quite unhelpful and didn't even take a sample and I was 'advised' that the midwives do everything now (and how I was supposed to know that I really don't know) so have a midwife app next week.

So of course this morning I start bleeding suddenly, at work, fucking busy, deadlines to meet, ignore ignore ignore, doesn't go away and if anything gets worse.

Phone 111 at 2pm after trying gp and engaged for ages, on the phone/hold for 40mins, early pregnancy unit in the hospital in the city where I work shut at 2pm, so just missed it, the other major hospital which is a 40 min drive from work doesn't shut til 5.30pm but the woman on the phone only got an answer service that said calls back within 4 hours so she never left a message, but told me to call my gp again, as they would have a direct line to the unit and she will fax the gp surgery. I said I could just drive there now and wait but she said not to.

Phoned gp surgery immediately, spoke to a gp briefly and he said he'd call back in 10 mins. Fast forward to 5.20pm and I get my call back angry. Got to pick up a letter and head to 2nd hospital where I'll get seen. So after hours of hanging about not knowing what to do I sent DH back out to work to just get on with things so by the time he gets in etc I arrive on the ward at 7pm.

The last nurse apologised, I don't care they're busy, it happens, I'm not an urgent case as I'm not really in any pain but I want to be seen as I want/need to know if it's another mc or another ectopic so I know what I'm doing if that makes sense? I'm just pissed off I could've been here waiting at half 3 and possibly home in bed now with answers instead of fighting sleep on a plastic chair. And I finished my Irn Bru. Adding to the frustration.

Moan moan moan I feel shit and I hope I don't fall asleep at the wheel when I eventually do start to drive home if I make it through the dark car park without getting mugged first. sad

Maple14 Sat 09-Jan-16 08:56:46

Hi Ladders, just checking in to see how you got on. I hope you eventually got seen.

Laddersinmybloodytights Sat 09-Jan-16 09:41:25

Hi there, thanks, didn't get seen til 12.30am! Only to be told they did 3 tests on the wee sample and they were all negative, so unfortunately having a miscarriage.

I wish a nurse could have just told me this, instead of having to come and apologise for the doctors being in surgery, and me waiting for five and a half hours to be told what I already suspected.

But at least it's definatley not another ectopic pregnancy, I don't think I could go through that surgery again, or face the methotrexate treatment. I'm fine, been through this before, just got to wait until we can try again and see what happens.

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