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What I wish I would have known...

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LosingBaby Fri 08-Jan-16 22:15:29

First let me say that I'm terribly sorry for everyone's loss. *Virtual hug

As I was searching the web for answers to my own miscarriage questions, I came across this forum. I just wanted to let everyone know that the story of others has really helped me through my own experience.

One of the things that I found completely baffling during my search for answers to my miscarriage questions, was how spread out information was on the internet. The only thing that really helped me was reading through other women's forum posts and blog comments. However, I had to search for hours to get the answers that were relevant to me.Everything from signs of a miscarriage, to what to expect during, emotionally how will I feel after, what symptoms should I expect to experience after the miscarriage, and so on. I was left asking why this information wasn't already available from one source.

What I think is missing from the majority of the studies that I came across is accounting for critical pieces of information.That is why I have tried to create a comprehensive questionnaire to poll women who have had a miscarriage.

Miscarriages are generally a topic that people do not want to talk about or think about, and when it happens to a woman, she is left wondering whether it was her fault or something she had done. Together, I firmly believe that we can shed more light on this "taboo" topic and help inform women that they are not alone, and that what they are experiencing is common and normal.

Again, I am really sorry for your loss and hope that you can take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire. The results will go a long way towards helping other women know what to expect and help make the process, should they be going through it, a little less frightening.

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