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2nd miscarriage in 4months

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PJsAndWine Fri 08-Jan-16 00:43:59

This will make me sound like I sleep around which I don't

First miscarriage was in October with exdp when we split up and he kicked me out - still struggling to deal with it.

Met someone in at the beginning November things moved pretty quick and there was about 3-4 weeks of unprotected sex using the withdrawal method - stupid I know! I then had the implant fitted etc. I started bleeding with what I thought was the implant settling in until I got some massive clots that didn't seem right so went to docs etc etc confirmed early miscarriage yesterday.

I never knew I was pregnant either time but really struggling to deal with it as
1st one: exdp didn't care and wouldn't talk to me about it
2nd one: the guy cut all contact with me out the blue the day before I found out

Finding it hard to deal with on my own

Joopy Sat 09-Jan-16 00:24:46

flowers be thankful that you didn't have a baby with either of them. It's better to wait as once you have a baby with someone you are linked to them for life.
Be kind to yourself and look after yourself, STD check and no more unprotected sex until you meet the one.

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