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1 ectopic, 1 MMC, 1 MC, losing hope

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iloveberries Mon 04-Jan-16 13:35:39

I have a beautiful DS (6) and have been TTC for 4.5 yrs. Back in 2012 I had emergency ectopic and lost a tube, conceived again in march 2015 only to find no heartbeat @ 12 wk scan. Then fell pregnant last month and am in the process of miscarrying now (5-6wks.)

I don't know where to begin. Or whether to just stop the TTC now. I feel like this gap in my life has been so big and for the past 4yrs every scan pic, pregnancy announcement, new baby post I have met with smiles, "likes", and gifts but inside it still hurts so much. This most recent pregnancy I was convinced would work out. Guess the only positive is that losing it early saves some of the pain of hope which is built up over the weeks. Still, right now it feels so shit.

DS is amazing and keeps me going but I feel so lost. DS is 6 and I feel like I should be thinking about moving out of the mummy phase and maybe just accept that it won't ever happen for us again.

Sorry for the self indulgent post. Just feeling so so sad.

somethingfromnothing Mon 04-Jan-16 23:18:20

Hi ilove I'm so sorry this is happening to you flowers I had an ectopic in the summer and I have been trying since but with no success.i can't imagine what it would be like to go on to have further losses.

I have also been feeling lost and empty. I have a Dd and I feel so bad for her because I know I'm not myself. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. Its such a shitty place to be. Let yourself feel sad. Right now is not the time for decisions to be made. Take care x

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