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Pregnancy not looking viable watsoever-Low rising HCG continuously - preparing for second scan - 7 weeks :(

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hopeful2016 Thu 31-Dec-15 17:03:04

Hi ladies

Feeling very sad,confused and lost.
I have a history of early miscarriages before my last child was born who is now nearly two.
I had all tests as to why I had recurrent losses butt found no reasons at all.
Young, healthy - no medical condition good BMI etc the drs are saying its just bad luck.
I found out I was pregnant on the 8th December - I was a few days before I was due on - 2 weeks later my GP sent me for a scan - I had it and was put 4 days behind - only a small gestational sac found with nothing inside it though I got scanned again same day and they thought a 1.4 mm fetal pole was found no yolk or heartbeat seen and they dated me 5 weeks +2 days (supposed to be 5+6) and very regular so thought was a bit off.
I also had a BETA HCG taken on 24/12/15:HCG: 2092 and a progesterone of 41.
They seemed happy, I seemed happy with that- well within days after
I lost ALL of my pregnancy symptoms and never went up in weeks on Clearblue test - I went backwards from 3+ to 2-3 when I went over 6 weeks - my dr sent me for more HCG levels on 26/12/15 HCG:2509 ? NO DOUBLE or even close - then on the 29/12/15 (3 DAYS LATER): HCG:3270
and again today 2 days later HCG: 3527
Now my next scan is next week Thursday - everything is looking awful I have not doubled in a week!!!Let alone 48-72 hours!
Still symptoms all vanished (I had fatigue and sore breasts) etc
Yet they say I have to wait it out when this is the exact replica of my missed miscarriage I had in 2010 where sac kept growing but baby died after heartbeat was found- I ended up carrying it for weeks before they scanned me and the HCG levels rose just like this and I ended up having a ERPC but no genetic testing offered then as I was only 20.
Any hope?
any similar stories?
They say this is very strange as I am only rising 15-20% in HCG not 70% in the time frame.
They have said that if this carries on its highly likely baby will have chromosomal problems later on due to these levels?
Im spending NEW year totally numb and preparing for the worst - no bleeding or pain and on inspection of gynae cervix shut fully.

Anyone have this?

smellsofelderberries Thu 31-Dec-15 18:09:18

Im so sorry you're going through this, I'm going through something very similar (though haven't had any blood tests). V v faint test at 13DPO, 16DPO got a 1-2 weeks on CD digi (not too bad I know). Scan at what I though was 5+2 showed an empty sac measuring at 4+6. Second scan at 7+6 showed a 2mm foetus with the very beginnings of a foetal pole (so measuring about 5+2). Scan at 9+3 showed a 4.8mm foetus with no heartbeat (measuring at about 5+6). I've been spotting/lightly bleeding for over 2 weeks (plus the implantation bleed/spotting which prompted the initial scan) with no symptoms since I was 4+5. I went in to the EPU between the second and third scans and asked if I could talk about my options and they said not yet, but after the results of the second scan the midwife said it's not going to be a viable pregnancy and we discussed what we would like to do. It sucks. From what you've said it does sound like your pregnancy isn't going the way it should- sadly I think you need to prepare yourself for the worst sad
Do you have another scan booked in? When's your next blood test?

hopeful2016 Thu 31-Dec-15 18:27:19

thanks for replying, smells so very sorry you are also going through this - its sheer limbo and a grey area that the NHS cannot seem to support well in between fortnightly scanning sad
I am having my scan to confirm all that I and they (although they wont confirm verbally to me as said their jobs could be on the line if they admit its not viable and then ends up showing a heartbeat and defying nature- yeah right!!! -
sorry I am just so fed up - my levels as you can see above are clearly slowing down even more so considering the last two blood tests have shown under 300 points in 48 hours where as before it was more likely 500-700 points up.

I am having that loosening feeling in my lower back that I got with previous miscarriages - that heaviness and cramping a lot...I almost feel like I could start bleeding before next Thursday but will be sure to update you all.
They have bluntly told me even if they see a heartbeat next week they will scanning every week or so after (they give away that they know as well as I do) but refuse to offer more bloods - although have 1 form left from GP to do on Monday (I can almost predict I will be 3900/4200 or something sily along those lines - I hate being a know it all with my experiences I would almost trade all of the awful reality I know to be blissfully in denial.

But yes I am utterly numb and will be giving my body a good break after this- this has killed me emotionally as like others have said on this board I to have grieved - why does it just not just stop rising?
literally over 7 days now from first BETA level and not even doubled sad makes me feel horrid as its like prolonging the inevitable
Life is so unfair I look at ladies who have lost babies later than these stages and honestly feel like why the heck am I upset sad

I feel like I cannot have a fresh new year yet so will start mine in February - I really don't want another ERPC I have had 2 and it gave me many BIOchemial type of pregnancies (no sacs just HCG) that would basically be two weeks of positive Pregnancy tests then they would go light and to negative and I'd have a very heavy bleed for a week.
So I really hope I can have a natural miscarriage.

I have never had a natural one once past a sac so naturally I am scared :'(

These replies mean everything to me I feel like an alien and in utter limbo xxx So thanks again and hope more ladies see my story

smellsofelderberries Thu 31-Dec-15 20:00:47

Oh you poor thing. The limbo and waiting is the hardest part isn't it. I have to admit though, it's really given me so much faith in the NHS, everyone at my local EPU has been amazing and so kind.

Do you work at all or do you have the option of waiting it out and staying close to home until it happens naturally? Do you know if the hospital will let you do medical management? If you do either of those just make sure you ask your GP or the hospital for prescription pain meds as both will be painful (from what I've heard). Have you been referred to a recurrent miscarriage unit yet? I would be telling your Dr about the chemicals too so they are on your medical records.

Please don't feel guilty about how upset you are. There will always be someone worse off than you, that's doesn't make your grief any less real. In time it will help to remember the good things you have in your life, and to keep perspective, but don't push yourself. You'll get there eventually, just let yourself feel whatever you need to feel. I'm learning that I need to give myself some slack about how I'm feeling. It's all so confusing, but it's a confusing time.

hopeful2016 Thu 31-Dec-15 20:12:58

thankfully OH works a lot so I am able to stay at home with lil ones - I am so thankful I have them.
It does put things into perspective how thankful I am to have the children I do have.
I do feel the worst period cramps and lower back pains as I type so maybe things will start before scan?
I will stock up on pain relief - but almost feel I cannot take anything much until its all confirmed next week, I do hope I get closure then.
I am sad as it was a surprise baby as I was due to have surgery soon for a repair down below (nothing major). But this means I wont be trying again as OH although happily would of accepted a baby he is adamant now was not a good time and wants a break from young babies so has vowed to be more careful - so its like I will have to forget about babies for any time in the near future - my mind had just accepted it all and even look forward to it now clearly robbed of it but maybe it was the wrong time who knows sad
Feeling utterly defeated though

Polgen20 Fri 01-Jan-16 08:37:55

I am so sorry you are having to go through this, I hope you also have lots of RL support flowers

I don't have much advice as to the HCG levels other than to expect the worst but hope for the best as it is not all over yet so do try and keep some hope.

If it is a mc, I naturally mc a few months back at around 6 weeks, I was terrified it would be horrendous and painful but it wasn't too much worse than a heavy period, the cramping was similar to period cramps, I didn't feel much pain just a kind of pressure, and the bleeding was heavy for 2 days then a normal period bleed for another 5. I know everyone has different experiences but sometimes you only hear horror story's and that can make it worse sad

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