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Trying to conceive again after miscarriage

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mrsbevo1 Sun 27-Dec-15 17:38:01

Hi All, this is the first time posting in one of these groups so i dont really know wat im doing so please forgive me if i do someting wrong.

I was 12 weeks pregnant with my first baby and had a miscarriage about a week ago now. I'm desperate to just be pregnant again, its a horrible empty feeling. lots of people keep saying that i will be extreemly fertile now but i dont know what to do and how to know when to try again.

I had a D&C about 4 days ago and im not really bleeding anymore, the hospital said it would be a 3 weeks before the pregnancy hormone to come out of my body. This might sound silly but can you still ovulate when you have the hormone? and if you can ovulate and then i to comcieve how will i know if the positive test if from my old pregnancy or the new?

What is the best thing to do? i want to try asap before i have another period just as im worried ill miss the most fertile time that people keep telling me im in. Advice would be so so appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance x

ktkaye Sun 27-Dec-15 18:07:08

So sorry to hear of your loss MrsBevo.

The general advice about ttc after miscarriage seems to be that as soon as you have stopped bleeding and feel comfortable and emotionally ready to try again there is no medical reason you shouldn't. There are lots of stories on other threads about successful pregnancies following miscarriage where the women haven't had a period in between. Waiting for your cycle to return just helps with dating any subsequent pregnancies. That said I think it's a very individual thing and other people may be along shortly to offer different advice!

Personally, I wanted to wait for my period to return before we tried again. I had an ERPC last month and like you stopped bleeding after a few days. My period returned 6 weeks later, which I gather is fairly normal. I wanted the 'date' element to ttc so I didn't drive myself mad wondering 'what if' in the meantime. Very best of luck whatever you decide. X

ktkaye Sun 27-Dec-15 18:10:14

Ps - why not buy some internet cheapie tests to monitor when your pregnancy hormones leave? It is hard to see a positive test still after a loss but I did this so I knew where I was and got a negative two weeks after the mc, which fits with my period returning four weeks after that. I don't think you will ovulate until the previous oregnancy hormones have gone completely. Hth x

JoMalones Sun 27-Dec-15 19:57:28

I think you can as I know some that fell pregnant straight away after. I'm gutted that we couldn't start straight away (had 2nd procedure after 2 weeks). Apparently you are more likely to fall pregnant within 6m, something to do with hormones which is a good sign for people who take a while to conceive.

GoApeShit Sun 27-Dec-15 20:34:02

Sorry you're going through this flowers

As kt said, the main reason for medical professionals suggesting waiting until be had a negative pregnancy test and had a period is for dating the next pregnancy. Without this it's hard to establish gestation and progress. However there isn't a medical reason (unless, of course, you've been advised) that you shouldn't TTC straight away.

I lost my baby in February and was pregnant again by May. I won't lie; the first few negative tests and periods were horrendous. But there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel, I promise. I really hope you get good news soon, OP.

mrsbevo1 Mon 28-Dec-15 10:03:27

Thank you all, I really appreciate your help x

Mummageddon Mon 28-Dec-15 10:27:47

Sorry that you're going through this mrsbevo1 flowers
I had an erpc after mmc at 11 weeks this year. I totally understand the need to be pregnant again asap. I decided to wait until my first proper period after as I didn't want the stress of unknown dates/what's going on if I got pg straight away. From memory I got a negative test just over three weeks after the erpc, and period came just over 4 weeks after the erpc. I did get pg again quickly (within 3 months).

IrisPurple1 Tue 29-Dec-15 08:44:57

MrsBevo I am so sorry for your loss. I lost mine at 8w (discovered at 11w then MC naturally) in October, and was desperate to try again, as we are not getting any younger.

I was advised to wait for one period before trying, I was told that this was to ensure the next pregnancy had a proper lining.

However I have still not had a natural period. It took 2 weeks for the spotting to stop, then I started bleeding about 10 days later, but it didn't feel like a proper period, and was a bit too early. After days of agonising we decided to wait. 2 weeks later, I bled again. I went for a scan to check for retained products, but all was clear. I was told that my hormones had not returned to normal (despite a negative pregnancy test at the 1st bleed) and was prescribed a 3 weeks course of tablets to try and regulate them.

With all that going on I'm glad we didn't start trying right away. If I had got pregnant during all this I'd have just worried so much.

I came off the tablets this month and had withdrawal bleed a few days ago so we have finally started trying again. It is hard to motivate myself to get back into TTC mode, especially with the exercise and healthy eating, what with Christmas, the gloomy weather and a lingering cold.

Good luck to MrsBevo and JoMalones, and congratulations to GoApe for your successful pregnancy. flowers

HopefulSmile14 Wed 06-Jan-16 20:59:50

Hi darling I had 3 miscarriages one at 15weeks 5weeks and 7weeks when I conceived for the 4th time I was so nervous I had nothing but problems through my pregnancy bleeding at 5 13 and a haemorrhage at 19weeks which caused my back waters to break it was touch and go through out the rest of my pregnancy they wanted me to terminate I refused and at 38weeks my blood pressure started to rise so they booked me in to be induced the next day It started this was a Wednesday I had my daughter by Thursday by emergency c section please please please don't give up positivity it will happen my miracle Hope came a long just takes the right time to happen

HopefulSmile14 Thu 07-Jan-16 05:18:16

And to add also she's now nearly 4months old when a miscarriage happens it doesn't always mean it's the end yes we lose the child we wanted so very much but it does happen I thought my life was over forever after my first I gave my body 8months rest after having my last miscarriage and that's when I conceived my daughter out the blue and here she is

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