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Possible miscarriage need advice

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Hannahbobs123 Sun 27-Dec-15 11:29:46

So my situation is complicated would appreciate some advice. I miscarried October 6 weeks ( all tests negative after so confirmed) I later had pregnancy symptoms November so went to the doctors all tests came negative I was shocked as had all the symptoms. She put me on the mixed pill.
On the break from my pill I got very bad symptoms sweating shaking and then passed a huge blood clot bigger than half my palm. It looked like before but there was a lot of white tissue, what looked like a sack and cord.
I then became very ill could not open my eyes, barely sit up, light headed. I then became disorientated and was very confused struggling to commuinicate. My boyfriend took me to a and e I could barely walk and felt like something was Serouisly wrong. They did all the tests , urine , bloods showed no pregnancy hormones. They said it was a bad period caused by the pill. I know my body and feel something's not right. Any advice appreciated or similar experiences!

Thanks Hannah

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