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4 weeks & I didn't know

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sourpatch Thu 24-Dec-15 03:33:24

So on the 12th I had very light period that was 5 days late. I finished 4 days in & then on the 21st I had some light spotting lasting 24 hours, it stopped but started again 24 hours later. I had helped a friend move light thing nothing too heavy & started bleeding, this time more like streaks of red blood. I went to the er where they told me I was pregnant with hcg levels of 426. They said it was too early to tell & to come back 48 he's later to see if they double. I'm very nervous. We have been trying for a year now. sad

sourpatch Thu 24-Dec-15 03:35:58

I forgot to Kenton I bled kinda heavy not enough to fill up a pad but it was dark red. I then passed a large clot with something attached like a string & now my bleeding has almost stopped.

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