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4th miscarriage and thinking about further testing

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backtotheplanet Sun 20-Dec-15 20:52:57

I've just found out that I've had another missed miscarriage this weekend. I should be 9 weeks but the pregnancy failed some time ago and it's only the sac that is measuring 9 weeks now. I have my appointment at the EPU on Tuesday and am praying that I can get everything 'sorted' before Xmas (I have had ERPC's in the past).

I have had 2 previous miscarriages before my DS1 was born and have now had two more in the last 2 years of ttc #2. I have been to prof Quenby's clinic as a self referring paying patient this year and was diagnosed with mildly high uNK cells so have been on the celexane, predisolone and progesterone protocol this time but that didn't work on this occasion for me.

I am thinking of going to see someone privately to have chromosomal testing as well as a more comprehensive discussion about my chances moving forward. I am willing to consider IvF if it can help or giving up completely if my chances are slim. I am emotionally and phsyically spent from all of this! I wondered if anyone had had chromosomal testing done and if they thought it was helpful? I am thinking of going to a local private women's hormone clinic who run miscarriage profiles and chromosome analysis and standard hormone function tests ( it's called the Surrey park clinic) as it's convenient for me. I have heard good things about Dr. gorgy and Dr. Sheata but I am worried that their clinics will throw everything at the problem which will possibly be beyond our means. I would be interested to hear anyone else's experiences?

Also, does anyone know how long after a miscarriage you have to wait to carry out these kinds of tests? And how long do you have to wait before you might start ivf?

Apologies for the long post. This is distracting me a bit from the waiting to miscarry / be seen at the EPU.

Thanks in advance xx

Melanie5154 Tue 22-Dec-15 00:09:59


I'm really sorry for your loss. After my first and totally problem free DS I had a termination due to a foetus with severe problems and then suffered 6 miscarriages all at 7 weeks. I was heart broken. I sought help and initially went to Lesley Regans clinic where I found out that I had factor 5 Leiden (blood clotting problem) but only hetro (genes on one side). However they were so slow coming back to me about results and treatment that I fell pregnant whilst under their care and had no treatment plan or results and miscarried. I then went to see Dr Shahata in Epsom. I can't recommend him highly enough, it was the best decision we could have made. His approach is 'throw the kitchen sink at it' but in terms of cost, he told me what I needed and I went back to my sympathetic GP who prescribed it all for me. Dr Shahata started me on steroids, vitamin D and aspirin straight away and told me that when I fell pregnant I should take progestragon suppositories, switch off the aspirin and start on blood thining injections and keep up with the steroids. Luckily I fell pregnant immediately on the first cycle. It was a really hard pregnancy, the steroids were horrible (lack of sleep, paranoia & weight gain). 9 months later my DS was born and it wiped away all the hardship and heart ache. The story doesn't quite end there as 9 months after that I accidentally fell pregnant again however as we weren't trying I didn't realise until I was 9 weeks pregnant - over the danger point. I started on aspirin but decided as I was already over the usual miscarriage point I would not take anything else. My 3rd DS was born with no complications.
I can't answer all your questions unfortunately as we didn't go down the chromo route or IVF (we decided to make sure that it was not a 'carrying' problem before investing in IVF).
My advice to you is this. Don't give up, I know it seems like you are in a deep dark hole but this is solvable. Dr Shahata told me that if your body can do it once it can do it again. Go and see Dr Shahata and be honest about your budget (this is what I did), he can advise you on what is necessary and what isn't.
I know I sound like an advert for Dr S (I promise I have no connection to him at all!), but he really did save my family and I now have a house full of messy, smelly boys to prove it wink.
I wish you the very best of luck.

backtotheplanet Tue 22-Dec-15 22:45:25

Thanks so much for your reply Melanie, that's really helpful. I think I will get in touch with Dr. S's clinic and make an appointment.

D&C tomorrow so can draw a line under this before Xmas.

Thank you again and lovely to hear that things worked out for you in the end. Xx

Finallyonboard Tue 22-Dec-15 22:59:09

I keep having miscarriages due to genetic issue. I'm starting IVF combined with new generation screening in the new year. I stopped TTC as soon as we decided to do IVF and my mh has improved hugely. For me, it's well worth paying as they'll only implant eggs that aren't affected (with my gene, but they also check for everything else too). Good luck with

CraigRevelHorwoodsPetCat Tue 22-Dec-15 23:03:13

Just a wee quick message to say we suffered through nine miscarriages. DS 15m is sleeping away here now. It doesn't get any easier; but there's always hope thanks

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