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two miscarriages in 23 days! how!??

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Sadpanda78 Fri 18-Dec-15 17:13:38

we have been trying since aug to get pregnant.
i had 2 consecutive miscarriages since aug.
then on the 23rd of nov my period had not arrived (im usually around the 19th) so i did a test. it came back positive. two days later on the 25th nov i started to bleed (3rd miscarriage now).
i continued to bleed until the 8 or 9th of dec. during this time the positive line on the tests were getting fainter and fainter until they eventually came back negative. on the 10th dec we had sex. six days later i noticed i had a light bleed so took another test. it said positive. now two days later i am still bleeding but really heavy. ive spent all day in the hospital today having blood tests and scans (i wasnt surprised when a baby could not be seen) but no one has explained how ive managed to have a positive (with a bleed) then negative (with no bleed) then back to positive with bleed within 23 days! i thought only one egg is released a month. i used a clear blue test in nov which came back 2-3 weeks, it said the same on the 16th dec even though it was only 6 days before that we had sex.
can anyone advise at all what has happened?
has my body released two eggs within this time period that have been fertilized at different times?
is it possible my body would release a new egg while miscarrying between the 25th nov and 9th dec (when i stopped bleeding)??
hospital have mentioned possible ectopic but im in zero pain. would this explain the tests fluctuating between positive and negative???
does implantation bleeding cause heavy bleeding like mine or just light bleeding?
basically can anyone give me a clue as to what the hecky pecky is going on?
side note, i am having tests to investigate any possible causes of constant miscarriages in the next week or so and also taking a break from trying for a few months to let my body rest as all i seem to be doing is bleeding or having blood tests and scans and im bit fed up and tired.

CherryPits Sat 19-Dec-15 00:52:37

I can't answer questions about ovulation but I can say implantation bleeding is normally very light indeed.

I do think you need to give your body a break and get some rest. You should have a good few months off TTC before you try again, so that you can normalize everything as much as possible and be in the strongest health for conceiving.

Try not to get too bent out of shape (I know its hard) and take care of yourself.

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