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2nd Miscarriage in 3 months

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monkeychops82 Thu 17-Dec-15 00:33:21


Today at 6 weeks I've been told yet again my pregnancy is not viable. This is my second miscarriage in 3 months. The first I lost at 11 weeks and had medical management. I was rushed to A n E Sunday with horrendous stomach cramps and bleeding. I was prep ready for theatre and it was looking like an ectopic. My scans on Sunday were Inconclusive. I had to go back yesterday for more blood to check my hormone levels and today for a more Indept internal scan. They then saw it was ectopic on my left tube. I immediately panicked and was thinking omg there going to operate and I'm going to loose a tube, i will only have 50/50 chance now. As my body was naturally rejecting and my hormones levels had dropped quiet drastically. They have said is will be what they called conservative care. They basically won't be operating, which I was relieved to hear. I have to go back tomorrow for more blood, just to make sure my hormones levels are still decreasing.
I feel numb and so confused and lost right now. I'm trying to be strong for my Lo who is 4, but it is so hard. My husband has been and absolute rock. All my Lo wanted for xmas was a baby brother, which breaks my heart. I think I need to give my body more time to recover and then see how I feel.
I just dont know if I could cope with any more heartache!!
After my visit tomorrow to hospital, I really hope it's the last I see of it for a long time.

Feeling empty and sad, but I need to find my xmas spirit to keep me going! sad

Loki17 Sun 27-Dec-15 09:45:54

So sorry you are going this. I found out I had a missed miscarriage on Wednesday. Booked in at the hospital tomorrow. Can only offer you a hand to hold as I've no idea what I'm doing or what I should say.

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