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MC at 12 Weeks

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CazPet83 Wed 16-Dec-15 00:01:28

New to forums so Hi

Had to go through a traumatic MC on Monday 7th Dec after spotting for a few days.

Had a child 14 years ago and symptoms were very similar.

Feeling very lost at the moment as Hospital didn't really give us any advice just asked us to sign some forms and off home we went.

We both want to try again; but obviously will be waiting for everything to happen naturally.

My sister in August had a neonatal death at 22 weeks and my MC was on her due date.

Gutted because we have nothing. Not even sure what's happened to the baby, but Hospital don't seem to be forthcoming with information sad

Anyone else had similar problems?

KiltedKoala Wed 16-Dec-15 04:00:57

Sorry for your loss OP :-(. Especially at this time of year.

If you weren't given advice on what happens next or what happened to your baby, my best advice based only on my own crap experience of now 3 mc's is to go and see your GP and ask all your questions there. I found that the hospital were very much in, out, there you go and not really any use for ongoing support.

Hope that you have lots of support in real life and are able to be gentle with yourself.


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