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how soon did you get your period?

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JoMalones Tue 15-Dec-15 18:09:51

Surgery was last Wednesday, had heavy clotting and bleeding but by Friday was spotting. An hour ago I had bad period pains and period like flow bleeding and red. Is this my period already?

MrsHathaway Tue 15-Dec-15 18:32:43

I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

When I was scanned for a complete miscarriage, the sonographer could see that I was already about to ovulate again. Sure enough my period came about a fortnight later, before disappearing for over nine months ...

However, when I had medical management for an incomplete (in fact missed) miscarriage it was far slower, more like six weeks iirc. I had been further along, if that makes a difference.

If you're confident that your surgery removed all the POC then I think you can be confident it's a period - does it feel like one? Spotty chin, dull cramps, Galaxy cravings, or whatever is normal for you?

Hope all is well and that you have better luck soon.

JoMalones Tue 15-Dec-15 19:59:42

Thank you MrsHathaway, sorry to hear about your losses. I had an emergency scan on he Tuesday as didn't feel well and they saw a v large sac and the baby who had stopped growing approx 3 weeks ago. The surgery was successful apparently. They said to take a preg test in 3 weeks though? Can't tell about the bloating/swollen breasts as still bigger but I've got the spotty chin, although again I'm hormonal but that's how I've been since the surgery. I really hope it is AF then it's a fresh start before the new year.

Curlywurly4 Wed 16-Dec-15 23:17:17

Sorry your going through this too. I had surgical manager in October. Had very little bleeding post surgery, then it started up again. GP sent me back to the EPU and a scan showed 'retained products' (horrible term). I passed these naturally and got my period back 3.5 weeks after the surgery. I would see the GP just to be sure.

JoMalones Thu 17-Dec-15 00:29:16

Thanks curly. I have a feeling that's what it is after 4 days of barely spotting to heavy clots again. Will phone epu in the morning. I just want this all out, that's why I chose surgery. I just want to come to terms with it and the heavy bleeding is making it worse.

Curlywurly4 Thu 17-Dec-15 22:12:51

I totally understand wanting the bleeding to be over. I was desperate for it all to over with so I could move on. Hope it went ok today.

JoMalones Fri 18-Dec-15 02:20:06

Thanks Curly, overnight the bleeding turned back to spotting. I didn't want to use up a scan that could be best used for someone else. Hopefully the big clot yesterday was the retained stuff and now the tiny clots are the normal bits?!

RoTo72 Fri 18-Dec-15 08:09:17

Its quite normal for bleeding to start and stop for up to 3 weeks after op. I bled lightly the day of op then it stopped that evening. Started again the following night. It eased off after a day r so and id spotting on and off for up to 9 days after op. I was told to look out for clots tho, if u get any more id give ur epu a call.

JoMalones Sun 20-Dec-15 01:40:26

Just to update, went back to GP today as still heavily bleeding. I've been given more anti biotics, on further examination she finally could see my cervix (sorry tmi but so much blood) which is open so have retained product. Need to go back in morning and she is going to try to get gynae to operate as I don't want to have to wait until Monday. I want this over with so badly.

Eminado Sun 20-Dec-15 01:46:18

Sorry to hear this op


Curlywurly4 Sun 20-Dec-15 06:13:23

Sorry your having a horrible time.
With me, they measured what was left behind and wouldn't operate as it was not enough apparently. I passed it about 10 days later. It wasn't a clot though, it looked like a piece of placenta. Then the bleed stopped that day.

Hope you're doing ok.

MrsHathaway Sun 20-Dec-15 11:49:31

Oh, I'm so sorry, OP.

I do hope you can be seen very soon.

MrsHathaway Tue 22-Dec-15 18:11:23

How are you getting on?


JoMalones Wed 23-Dec-15 01:09:48

Hi. Thank you so much for asking.

I ended up going to A&E as was in so much pain and didn't hear from gynae. They were great and admitted me until the scan. The scan didn't show any tissue but a very large amount of blood with clots. I had to have 4 tablets of misoprostol that I inserted to help speed things up. I had a massive clot this morning and a lot of bleeding and some small bits of tissue (with cramps). I also had iv fluids and more anti biotics.
I'm really hoping that within the next week things start to get better.
The scan showed that I was ovulating but obviously with everything going on, nothing can happen this month (I know it is soon but I miss being pregnant so much).
My hormones are all over the place, I don't know what to do.

MrsHathaway Wed 23-Dec-15 10:37:21

Oh sweetheart 👭 - hope that shows you a woman holding another woman's hand. It's a terrible thing to happen and even worse at a time of year when everyone expects you to be JOLLY and EXCITED.

It is a shred of hope that you have ovulated again; your hormones are getting back to normal. You can start 2016 afresh. When you feel ready to try again you do so with a clean slate.

In the meantime, take painkillers if you need to, and go to bed if you want to, with an entire tub of Quality Street if it takes your fancy.

And do keep posting for no-strings-attached sympathy.

JoMalones Wed 23-Dec-15 15:21:33

MrsHathaway, thank you again. What you've said is perfect. I have pretty much hibernated with the quality streets. DD and DS are back soon so just need to focus on them. I feel so guilty as they haven't had me being me for the past two weeks as I've either been ill or crying. I am so grateful for them and need to focus on them at Christmas.

My cycles have always been regular, even after giving birth and exclusively bf, AF started exactly 28 days after they were born.

I know I'm ready to try again and it would be good to have a focus for me. I feel so let down by my body and now I'm left will a shell that's carrying extra weight from the pregnancy but nothing fits (refuse to wear maternity clothes).

Sorry to let it all out x

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