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Severe cramps, no bleeding yet?

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zaalitje Wed 09-Dec-15 20:14:30

Initially I was told by private scan clinic it was an empty sac, EPU gave me an internal scan and confirmed a fetal pole that measured five weeks and an amnio that had continued to develop, I should be 8+3 today, I am absolutely certain of my dates having got a BFP 5 weeks ago. EPU want me to wait two weeks 'just in case', but that things could happen naturally before then.

Since the EPU scan on Sunday I have been having cramps which have increased in intensity, since lunch time today the pain has been constant, at times severe enough to make me want to curl up fetal position on the floor, but as yet no bleeding. How long are these cramps likely to last before the bleeding starts? Does it usually start with spotting/light flow or get heavy very fast?

I'm trying to remain at work through this, just over a week in my job, time off is not an option, and trying to be prepared.

Vap0 Wed 09-Dec-15 22:48:36

I'm afraid I can't offer any answers but just wanted to pop in and say I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I've had 2 mc and both have started with spotting and then after a couple of days it becomes heavy. I don't know if that is normal though? Hopefully others will be along with their experiences soon. I have worked through both mc, I couldn't face calling in sick an having to explain why so felt it would be easier working. It was also good to keep my mind busy through it all. I hope you can hold it together at work, make sure you allow yourself time to cry and if you can get away without it, skip wearing makeup that will look a mess if you need to have a quick cry in the loos. Perhaps plant seeds early on about an allergy you have too just in case you come out of the loos with red eyes.
Best of luck and sorry again flowers

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