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Missed miscarriage and options after

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Borisboo123 Tue 08-Dec-15 18:39:22

Hi all, had my 12 week scan on Thursday (03/12) of my first pregnancy and discovered that I'd had a missed miscarriage at approx. 6 weeks. Was told that I had to wait 2 weeks to go back for another scan before my options would be discussed but that I could miscarry 'naturally' in the meantime. As it was such a shock on the day we didn't really take in everything but since the appointment I've made the decision to have an ERPC as I just want to 'complete' the physical process so I can focus on the emotional side. Have to say I feel completely let down by the NHS who won't offer me the procedure ahead of the two week (second scan) date. The sister who I spoke to at the hospital said that if I did want the procedure at an earlier date they could book me in for a termination. I know my dates and I've been told that the pregnancy is not viable, but I am not willing to have 'termination' on my record. I've ended up finding a private hospital some 75 miles away that are willing to do the procedure and I'm booked in for Friday. Not really looking for anything from this post - just having a bit of a rant!

Zabzab Tue 08-Dec-15 18:51:45

Hi Borisboo, sorry you are going through this. It's crazy to talk of a "termination" in these circumstances, that seems so insensitive. As if you wanted this to happen in the first place! I understand there are processes in place to make sure no one gets surgery until there is no mistake there is no viable baby, but still your experience sounds a bit harsh. It's good you have plan B in place, waiting 2 weeks at 12weeks+ is a terribly long time. Also, the lady I saw at my EPU told me that most women were likely to naturally miscarry by 14 weeks, so waiting two more weeks for you might have meant a natural mc happening before anyway. So earlier allows you to manage it.
I am also booked in to surgery this Friday (will be almost 12 weeks), but looks like I miscarried naturally yesterday.
Hope you are doing ok and good luck for the op!

Borisboo123 Tue 08-Dec-15 19:12:10

Thanks for your message Zabzab. I just feel that leaving me for another two weeks puts me in limbo where I can't really get on with my life. Always that fear of it happening naturally when I'm away from home etc and not in comfortable surroundings. I've also read a lot of posts from people whereby they end up having to have the ERPC anyway as not everything has come out. My midwife contacted me today and took the details of the clinic I'm attending so that she can pass the information on to others in future. I had a consultation today with the consultant who will be carrying out the procedure and a scan today confirmed there is no change in size and actually shows the embryo has come away in part so is definitely not viable. Sorry to hear that you're going through a tough time too. Never a good time but just seems massively cruel at the moment when everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit and I just seem to be seeing pregnant people or newborns everywhere! X

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