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Had my first scan they just told me I miscarried

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Love2014 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:02:19

I had my first scan today at what I thought was 12 wks 5 days and found out the baby stopped growing at 8 wks 5 days.. Don't have the words to express how upset Iam! It's really upset me the whole thing.. Seeing the baby ( hate the word foetus) at the scan just to be told it's not breathing... It was already so well formed poor little thing.. Hospital sent me home and told me to contact them when I had come to terms with it a little more. Saddest of sad days really is... Don't know how to describe! I just want to get through this fighting and go on to try again.. Right now though I think how could I go through this again ? So sad

MrsCornish Fri 04-Dec-15 20:05:18

so sorry you are going through this. is it your first pregnancy?

Love2014 Fri 04-Dec-15 20:29:22

I have just turned 36, I had a miscarriage 2 years ago. This is my second loss... I had just started going out properly with my partner at the time of the first miscarriage so we wanted to leave it for a while before trying again. We started in September this year and got pregnant nearly straight away! We were over the moon, but so devastating knowing we have lost it so quickly

goldglittershitter Fri 04-Dec-15 20:34:54

Really sorry , OP flowers .

MrsCornish Fri 04-Dec-15 20:36:05

that's very hard. i hope your partner can spend the weekend giving you lots of love and support.

BastardGoDarkly Sat 05-Dec-15 03:34:23

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers MN is here for any ranting/hand holding x

SouthYarraYobbo Sat 05-Dec-15 03:44:14

For you OP flowers

It's a hard decision to know whether to try again. I had a mc at almost 9 weeks after seeing the baby and heartbeat.

We decided to keep trying and l had dd2 11 weeks ago at age 38.

I hope you get very good care and take time to grieve and heal yourself.

Love2014 Sat 05-Dec-15 06:32:10

I haven't been able to sleep all night just keep breaking down in tears.. I just feel so devastated and such a loser. So many women have loads of kids no problems.. All I want is one.. If I can just have one... It would mean the world to me.. But instead this, just loss. It's truly heart breaking.. Not just losing a physical baby.. But all your dreams and plans for the future just gone and you have to start right back at the beginning... I feel for every woman going through this pain.. Wouldn't wish it on anyone

Lilmisssunshine7 Sat 05-Dec-15 06:41:22

So sorry to hear you are going through this. It is heartbreaking. Be kind to yourself. Hugs for you. X

Helgathehairy Sat 05-Dec-15 18:53:42

Huge hugs love the exact same thing happened me on Thursday.

RoTo72 Sat 05-Dec-15 19:19:13

So sorry for ur loss. I was the same, went for scan and heartbeat stopped around 6 weeks

SaigonSaigon Sun 06-Dec-15 22:17:02

I'm really sorry, OP. The same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago - I was about 10 weeks but it was a missed MC; there was no heartbeat and the baby had died a week before. Its a total shock. I know how you must be feeling and I'm sorry you're going through it. I'm 40 so I feel like time is running out but I'm determined not to let this get me down. I think we'll try again, but for now, I'm taking each day at a time and being kind to myself. Take care, OP. Lets hope next year is good to us both.

amysmummy12345 Sun 06-Dec-15 22:23:17

Sorry OP 😓 flowers xxx

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