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Is this a miscarriage? (Contains potentially upsetting picture) ***Title edited by MNHQ***

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Babycakes1234 Fri 04-Dec-15 08:47:56

Hi not posted before but an avid reader of the boards and you lot have helped me to get pregnant.

So I'm 6/7 weeks pregnant and this morning had quite a lot of blood when I whipped which didn't stop with one wipe (sorry tmi alert) photo attached. Is this a miscarriage poas still showing pregnant?

Thanks in advance for all your help from a first time mum worrier. X

Tigerstar123 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:07:12

Have you got an epu near you that you can self refer to? If you can't self refer, will probably need to book into Dr's and they will arrange an appt for you.
It may end up being OK, but certainly worth getting it checked out hon. Xxx

Jw35 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:09:05

I'm would say it's very likely as the blood is bright red with small clots sad some people do have this and remain pregnant but it looks like a mc to me.

I really hope I'm wrong. I'm 5 weeks myself and terrified of this happening. I hope it's not Babycakes thanks

Babycakes1234 Fri 04-Dec-15 09:55:16

Thanks for your replies both. My EPU don't self refer so trying to get a doctors appointment today to get a referral. My gut feeling is that it is a MC sad

Still remaining hopeful till its confirmed though

Tigerstar123 Fri 04-Dec-15 10:17:34

Make sure you insist on a Dr's appt. Please try not to worry hon (easier said then done i know). I bled in my 1st pregnancy and did have a mc, but I know others who have bled and things have been fine.
Do look after yourself. If things aren't good hon, there is a lot of support on these boards which helped me massively. Take care and fingers crossed all will be fine. Xxx

MummyC92 Fri 04-Dec-15 10:36:05

I would make sure to get an urgent Drs appointment and if they cannot get you seen today ask where else you can go to. They may suggest you go to A&E.

I have had two pregnancies, with the my first, I bled three seperate times, once at 10 weeks, once at 28 weeks and once at 34 weeks, all the bleeding was bright red and worrying but Everytime he was absolutely fine and there was no reason at all for the bleeding. He was a healthy baby and now 4.

With my most recent pregnancy which was not successful I started bleeding at about 6 weeks, but it got heavier than it had done in first pregnancy over the course of the day so I assumed the worst.

The only way you will really know for sure would be with the Drs or hospital, they would probably do a scan and tests, good luck I hope everything goes okay flowers

Babycakes1234 Fri 04-Dec-15 14:46:24

Hi all thanks for your replies. I have an update at around 10am I passed a huge clot probably about 7cm long and 2cm wide. Went to the doctors and demanded an appointment, dr said is most likely a MC however referring me for a scan to confirm. This scan has now been confirmed for Tuesday, I really don't see the point in going as its only going to confirm what I already know and feed. Feeling really gutted sad

Jw35 Fri 04-Dec-15 15:25:37

I'm so sorry babyCakes thanks
The scan will be to check everything has gone away properly so things will go back to normal sad
I had a mc at 4.3 weeks 2 months ago and pregnant again. I know it's not nice hearing this but you can try again.
I'm so so sorry for your loss thanks

Vap0 Fri 04-Dec-15 16:01:44

babycakes sorry to read your story. I'm in the same boat. Started to miscarry yesterday but with on and off bleeding and have passed loads of clots now. Also have a scan booked for Tuesday but I'm kind of dreading it as i know that it will all be gone by then and being told outright that but has all gone (even though I already know) is probably going to hit me really hard. My tests are still saying positive. And I could do with having a drink tonight but am scared to "just in case" but I'm sick of all of this ttc shit. 28 months and counting.

Hope you are doing ok. Hope your scan is without incident. Look after yourself.thanks

Tigerstar123 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:19:59

Aww, so sorry to hear this babycakes and also Vap0.
You will need a scan though hon to check you have passed everything. I thought I had, turned out I hadn't. I don't want to worry anyone either, but my personal advice is that you may be better staying close to home over the weekend, if you can. I only say this, as when I mc'd at 12 weeks, I thought I'd passed everything, but then had a massive haemorrhage. I am probably a one off though but just wanted to mention it, as I was never prepared.
Please do be gentle with yourselves ladies. My thoughts are with you at this time. Xxx

Babycakes1234 Fri 04-Dec-15 17:51:39

Thanks tigerstar really sorry to hear what happened to you I will go and have the scan on Tuesday. JW you have given me inspiration to try again and Vap don't lose hope I hope next month (or maybe January) will be our month X

SweetAdeline Fri 04-Dec-15 17:54:56

I had a massive bleed with ds and was fine. This time I only spotted but had a missed miscarriage at scan.

Also agree with tiger. After I miscarried I thought the bleeding had stopped twice only for it to restart out of nowhere. I'be basically worn pads for a month just in case.

Tigerstar123 Fri 04-Dec-15 19:37:33

As I said, just be gentle on yourself. Take as much time off work as you feel you need (it doesn't count as sickness as pg related). Also don't lose hope for the future. I never thought we'd conceive again (as was diagnosed with endometriosis) but I'm 28 weeks pg. Hope this just gives you some hope that there is a future after a mc hon. Xxx

Vap0 Wed 09-Dec-15 09:02:23

babycakes how did your scan go?
Mine has made me feel so much worse! My Hpt was negative on Sunday and bleeding seems to have stopped and started a bit but now I think it has stopped. EPU dipped my wee, not fmu, just midday wee and a clear line showed up. They scanned me and said there was a little bit of tissue left. They then told me it was a complete mc and to go on my way. They also said that we shouldn't try this month as my body will probably think it's still this mc and will expel it too. Never heard that one before. I'm now left really confused. How will I know when this pregnancy is over? My Hpt went negative on Sunday so my batch can't tell me when it's all over. Their tests are 25mlu and the ones I have say they are 10mlu but clearly the ic's are nowhere near as sensitive as they claim. I'm so confused and have nowhere to turn for help? I just have this incredible veil of sadness hanging over me now. I was hoping this scan would give me closure and tell me it was all sorted but unfortunately it has left me with more questions than I went in with. Wish I hadn't gone.
I do hope yours went better than mine.

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