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2 X mc what happens next?

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Vap0 Thu 03-Dec-15 20:58:55


Just started my 2nd mc today.

I know dr's won't do anything to help until you've had 3 mc but I'm wondering what tests they will normally do after you've had your 3rd to see what they can do to help?

I'm going back to my fertility dr at the end of Jan and hope to give him a gentle push in the right direction of what I want to happen next.

I've been waiting and waiting for 28 months now and am being constantly sent away and told to just keep trying and come back in 3/6/9 months which is just no help.

I think I need to be more proactive and tell them what I want and so was just hoping to understand more about what I should be asking for regarding tests etc.

I've had a Hycosy and all is clear, dp has had SA and all good.

Thanks in advance flowers

Blueskies80 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:07:58

Hi op,

Sending hugs, it's horrible. I had my second consecutive MC a few weeks ago.
Guidelines are that they investigate after three. However I did manage to get sent for blood tests looking at clotting as that can be a cause of MC. Waiting for the results. Good luck. Hope you can get them to refer you sooner. Are you getting support/fertility treatment as that is a one year wait isn't it. I took nearly three years to fall pregnant with my first (have two which I am very very lucky to have) and it is a long and hard road. I wish you well and hope it happens soon xx

Vap0 Thu 03-Dec-15 22:38:26

Hi blue this for your reply. Sorry for your losses. Yes, I've been seeing the fertility dr for well over a year but they are yet to do anything at all to help. They just keep sending me away to keep trying. We have been on the dr's books for at least 2 years now so hoping this will mean we will get some help but from past experience it is unlikely...
The last thing we discussed in my appointment was 6 months ago where we were sent away yet again and if nothing changes we will be put on the IVF list. Next appointment is at the end of Jan. Problem is, everything hasn't stayed the same which is what keeps delaying things.

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 03-Dec-15 22:51:07

OP, I'm so sorry for your losses.

After 2 mc's we went to St Mary's recurrent miscarriage unit as private patients. I was actually surprised how affordable it was - I think it cost around £1000 altogether (3 x consultations plus all blood tests).

I considered our local fertility clinic but felt that if we were paying for private tests, I'd rather go to the experts. And certainly St Mary's have some different protocols for how they run the tests (eg testing clotting within 30mins of taking the blood) and they also have some clotting tests that only they can do.

In our case it was a fairly simple fix for a clotting issue (aspirin!) and resulted in a successful pregnancy. But I felt so much more confident going into a third pregnancy knowing I had their support and monitoring - rather than the NHS' 'ah well, it might work this time' approach.

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 03-Dec-15 22:54:18

By the way - our clotting issue could only have been found by St Mary's as they run specialised testing. Had we gone locally, we might well not have had such a good outcome.

Good luck.

Vap0 Thu 03-Dec-15 23:11:10

Thanks captain
I'm sorry for your losses too flowers
That doesn't sound too bad a price if they test everything.
Just about to google where it is.

I took baby aspirin since before ovulation this cycle as has read a lot about it.

I know I shouldn't self diagnose but I did and told my Dr the day I had the bfp and she said she wouldn't advise it but it won't do any harm and it was up to me if I continued taking it.

Was it just aspirin they prescribed?

Cuppachaplz Thu 03-Dec-15 23:14:14

Sorry for your losses OP thanks
Be kind to yourself over the next few days

Unfortunately, in many areas the waiting list for tests is quite long. Also, very often the tests indicate no problems. It may be worth asking your GP for an EPU referral as soon as you recognise a pregnancy in future. Many EPUs will see you after 2 MCs. I had 15mcs, testing drew a blank, however after early EPU referral the doc prescribed progesterone. DS turns 1 on Sunday.
Best wishes for the future thanks

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 03-Dec-15 23:23:52

We saw Mr rai at St Mary's and he was very clear that he would only recommend taking baby aspirin if a clotting disorder was identified and would not recommend 'just in case'. Also he prescribed for me 150mg of baby aspirin daily until wk 35 rather than the more usual 75mg.

St Mary's is in London (sorry can't remember which bit). Not local to us but I contacted them directly (they have a website) and then our GP wrote a referral after a little 'encouragement' from me.

in my case they were also keen on keeping my TSH (thyroid hormone) quite low, which we did but had quite a few quarrels with our GP about it as she didn't agree. Surprisingly enough we went with the recommendation of the world class recurrent miscarriage specialist rather than our local GP.

I also saw an acupuncturist fortnightly which was a great stress reliever and helped me feel 'taken care of'. I started seeing her after my first mc and saw her through the following pregnancy and loss and then successful pregnancy. It made a big difference having someone just thinking about me.

CaptainMorgansMistress Thu 03-Dec-15 23:34:31

Just to answer the comment above about tests not finding anything, we took the view that if we went to the place with the best tests and they came back clear, then we would go into another pregnancy feeling more hopeful and optimistic than we were feeling at that stage (post mc 2).
And if the tests did find something then at least we then knew what we were dealing with and could make plans.

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