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AF advice & late ovulation

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DancingAngel15 Tue 24-Nov-15 01:03:08

Hi ladies
Any one got any advice .
I am now passed my fertile week unless I'm going to ovulate late which could still be the soloution to my question

It has never happened before , I have been testing mu ovulation with clearblue ovulation kit.
Still no LH surge (now cycle day 18 & I usually get on cycle day 13-14 )

Been feeling really bloated , hungry , almost a tightness in my tummy , nausea & tired (exactly how I felt when I was last pregnant before my miscarriage )

Last month my AF was extremely short 2 1/2 days , I'm usually a 5-6 day person .

Could it be possible that wasn't my AF & I'm actually pregnant ? Or am I over thinking ?

I just can't help the feeling as just am lacking energy - if that wasn't my AF then it would make me 8weeks (when I found out last time & misscarried at 11weeks )
I had not got much symptoms except for the above .

I don't know if I'm at that wishful hopeful thinking stage --- early Christmas present ?

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