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Today was my due date

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Lilliana Thu 19-Nov-15 22:46:58

As the title says really. We lost her at 8 weeks. Since then we had another mc and DH doesn't really want to try again. In my head I know we're not really in the best position to have another, in my heart I want another and don't want DD to be an only child. Not looking for advice or anything really, just didn't want the day to go by unrecognised.

Oblique27 Thu 19-Nov-15 23:10:45

Thinking of you on a sad day. Be kind to yourself and DH.

ShebaShimmyShake Fri 20-Nov-15 12:17:57

I'm so sorry for your loss. Do whatever you need to do to get through this time. Tomorrow is another day.

MaudGonneMad Fri 20-Nov-15 12:20:01

So sorry. It's so hard flowers

Lilliana Fri 20-Nov-15 17:00:50

Thanks. I've been at work and really busy which has been great as little time to think too much. Thanks for your kind thoughts

Diggum Fri 20-Nov-15 17:02:06

Thinking of you and your very sad loss flowers

Blueskies80 Fri 20-Nov-15 19:54:00

flowers sorry for your loss.
I would have been due around 7 November, a few weeks ago, lost pregnancy at 11 weeks. Currently having my second mc this time at 6/7 weeks.
It sucks. Glad you are keeping busy and it helps you. Hope we all get our precious babies soon xxx

KittyandTeal Fri 20-Nov-15 19:55:18

I'm so sorry for your loss. MC takes its toll. Be kind to yourself flowers

Lilliana Sat 21-Nov-15 22:15:32

So sorry blueskies. I hope you're doing ok and being looked after

Blueskies80 Sat 21-Nov-15 23:18:50

Thank you liliana. It's tough but we are getting through it. Xx

Hopefullywaiting Sat 21-Nov-15 23:28:34

Hi Lilliana
I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope you coped ok on Thursday, your due date. I completely get wanting (and being glad) to be busy at work ,yet not wanting to let the day go unmarked.

On my due date and other significant dates I have gone onto the miscarriage association site and wrote a message for my baby in the forget-me-not meadow which has helped. There is also a light of love tree for a special message at Christmas .

Hugs to you flowers Xxxx

Mediumred Sat 21-Nov-15 23:53:37

I am so sorry, it was my due date too, I was very poorly from the miscarriage, needed a blood transfusion etc. I am 45 now and it was my third miscarriage. I don't want to try again, I have lovely dd and dh, I don't have any real words of wisdom, just that it hurts and is sad but we have people to cherish, much love and hand holding for you, be very kind to yourself and hold your lovely girl tight.

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