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ttc #1 after mc - 3day period

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DancingAngel15 Thu 12-Nov-15 13:27:53

Hi I am TTC #1 after mc in June !
Last month my Af was late & my hopes where up so much only to be broken with a BFN & a AF days later!

The next cycle I TTC using conception pregnacare tablets & ovulation test sticks ! I BD before & after LH SURGE!

My AF well what I think was my AF came bang on time ! Was quite heavy but only lasted 2 and a half days !

I'm putting it down to the tablets but could their be a possibility I could be pregnant !
Has this happened anyone ever !

Spent too much money the past 5 months on tests & I don't want to be silly & spend more & test for any hope I own to be gone again !

I have told my boyfriend about my short AF But he put it down to the tablets also as this is my first time using them !

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