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beta-hCG still climbing 2 weeks after blighted ovum found... normal?

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magnificatAnimaMea Mon 09-Nov-15 22:03:35

Dating scan showed 22mm gestational sac + yolk sac, but no foetal pole, at 10+0, 9+2, 8+4, 7+4 or (implausibly) 6+5. They said "too early, re-scan in 10 days".

Follow-up scan 10 days later showed just a 21mm gestational sac, no yolk sac and no foetal pole. They said "not at diagnosable cut-off, re-scan in 10 days".

b-hCG was 56,000 the day after the dating scan. It went up to 88,000 2 days later, and has been hovering around 100,000, measured every 48 hours; until yesterday - it's now 150,000, 2 weeks after the initial scan.

I have another week to wait for the next scan (i.e. current date is 12+0, 11+2, 10+4 or 9+4, or unlikely 8+5).

b-hCG is within the realms of normal whatever the date is, but obviously, this is just leftover trophoblast at this stage, not a developing placenta or anything. Midwife, 2 obstetricians and nurses in the EPAU all seemed to think I should have miscarried by now.

Is it normal for b-hCG still to be going up and to have no signs at all of miscarriage, or should I begin to wonder about gestational trophoblastic disease?

magnificatAnimaMea Mon 09-Nov-15 22:34:28

I should clarify that a gestational sac of 22mm is normal for about 7w2d.

So assuming that either the sac developed as a result of a blighted ovum, up to 7w2d; or it's a missed miscarriage that happened at 7w2d ish with subsequent resorption of the foetal pole and then the yolk sac - this could easily now be 5 weeks after everything stopped developing. Which is probably why everyone thinks I should have miscarried by now, and why I'm wondering about GTD criteria...

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