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Silent miscarriage?

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Paulie82 Sun 08-Nov-15 14:59:44

Hi I'm nine weeks pregnant and have had severe morning sickness since 4 weeks. So bad that I was put on anti sickness, I've also had horrendous sore boobs. But yesterday morning I hardly felt sick (normally I'm sick right after first drink) and today I've not had to take any anti sickness at all and feel fine and have even drank tea which I couldn't touch. Also my boobs are not sore at all. Could it be a silent miscarriage? I've only experienced one miscarriage and that was with heavy bleeding when I lost one of my twins. I still had all the pregnancy symptoms as I still had one of the babies there. Has anyone experienced something similar?

LBOCS2 Sun 08-Nov-15 15:11:08

A lot of the stuff you read online says that you may start to feel better around the 9 week mark as the placenta starts to take over hormone production.

I had a silent (or 'missed') miscarriage and I still had all the symptoms up to and including the day of my 12 week scan - in fact, that was the only pregnancy I was actually sick in (and I'm currently in my 5th!).

Neither of which will give you any reassurance, I know. But it does go to show that you really can't tell.

Paulie82 Sun 08-Nov-15 16:54:41

Thank you it just seems very strange that I've gone from severe sickness to none at all so suddenly. I think it just hit me today that I don't feel pregnant anymore. I've already got 4 children and never felt like this before x

KittyandTeal Sun 08-Nov-15 18:30:36

This happened to me, almost bang on 9 weeks all my symptoms went. It wasn't a missed miscarriage.

TwigsWithStupidLittleLightsOn Sun 08-Nov-15 20:51:19

Happened to me too. I'm now 29 weeks and baby is busy kicking the shit out of me grin

Nospringflower Sun 08-Nov-15 20:56:20

I know a lot of people who have lost their symptoms as the pregnancy progresses but in my case it did signify a miscarriage. I hadn't had sickness but had really sore boobs and one morning I woke up and the soreness had gone and when I went for my scan there was no heartbeat. I had had problems before though so was a different situation. Hope all is well for you.

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