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miscarriage at 8 weeks and nearly 42 years of age

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staffylover22 Tue 03-Nov-15 17:39:03

Hi, I found out that I was pg end september, I never told my husband as he was going away on a boys weekend and I knew he wouldn't leave me to go, so I had planned to tell him when he returned
So he came back on the 9th oct, ill with a bug, he then passed it onto me and I was ill for a couple of days, then all ok, then the spotting started and eventually I ended up having a miscarriage on the 18th Oct.

So never even got as far as a scan or anything

The actual mc was awful, although stopped bleeding within three days and then booked to see the dr.
I had not seen this dr before, as I am never ill, eventually got an appointment fri 27th Oct

This was my first time pg

Told doctor what has happened, I'm not sure what I expected her to do, but basically she said, I looked fit and healthy and there was no reason why I couldn't try again
I said what about my age? and she said, oh I thought it was a typo and it should say 1983 (which is flattering I suppose) I said no, I am 42 in three weeks.
All she said was come back in 6 months if you have not fallen pg, I asked about kits, what I should do, best times etc, and she said just take folic acid

I came out without even having my temperature taken? not sure if anything else should have happened, or should I have been given any advice?
hence why I am here!

any help/ advice apperciated!


ranchgirl Wed 04-Nov-15 19:26:06

So sorry for your loss. I had miscarriage few weeks ago aged 40, nearly 41.

Have you been trying for long? DH & I started IVF last Easter after no luck trying for 12 months (met late 30s).

MC odds are far higher at our age unfortunately. Also reasons aren't investigated until you've had 3. Harsh but that's how common they are.

Not sure what other advice to give. Good luck x

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