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How can I help my friend who is experiencing recurrent miscarriage?

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TomHaverford Sun 01-Nov-15 10:09:24

My best friend has just found out she is having her 3rd MMC. Any ideas on ways to help her and DP?

Have previously sent round a hamper for both straight after it happened. This time have sent flowers but her DP is really struggling and would like to do something nice for him.

Any suggestions?

LovesApples Sun 01-Nov-15 17:37:20

Just spend some time with them maybe if it's possible. Presents can be quite thoughtful, but we both very much liked to have friends and family around us. It creates a bit of a diversion for the couple and I find it very comforting. But Of course it always depends on the couple and everybody is different. I've also heard of a couple who've unplugged completely from all diversions and talked and grieved for three days (no TV, no box sets, no internet access). All the best

MountainMouse Mon 02-Nov-15 12:15:35

I'd agree everyone is different, we found it very difficult to be in busy places after our mc's. we bought lots of new board games (not childish one) and spent a lot of nights with just few friends playing games.

Also things like cooking at our house with friends very therapeutic as we were in a safe place but feel more productive than watching a film. So maybe could find some fun recipes and the ingredients and take them round when they are feeling up for it.

cloudjumper Mon 02-Nov-15 13:39:52

I always found regular text messages really helpful when I had my mcs. Not expecting any answers, just asking how I was and saying that my friends were thinking of me and to let them know if there was anything that they could do.
Everyone grieves differently, so it might be tricky to find something that suits both of them. Is your DP/DH friends with him and maybe could take him out for a drink, if he wants? Or you could ask them if they fancied a long walk in the countryside...

It's difficult, but letting them know that you are thinking of them and there to help is already a big step!

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