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not ovulating, trying for a year

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Crystalcaroline Tue 27-Oct-15 20:04:28

Hi I'm just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as I am! I've been TCC for a year now, I had a miscarriage back in May and since then my periods have been very irregular. From 26-32 days every cycle is very different, I'm spending a fortune on ovulation tests clear blue/ boots own and never get a positive.. Got a doctors appt tomorrow no idea what's going on with my body I've had all hormones check and thyroid!

Starryeyed1001 Fri 05-Feb-16 23:11:53

Hi I'm in this situation at the min...miscarriage at 10 weeks in October and not getting positive on OPKs...what happened with you x

333LuLu Sun 07-Feb-16 00:00:36

Not sure if everyone is the same, and I miscarried earlier... but I took bbt and did ov sticks. I found ov was all over the shop after mc. However I found my bbt was best way to see it. I still only show a positive ov stick the day my temp dips (when it is supposed to be 2 day's before). The docs will ne able to do blood test to see if you actually ov and if not refer you to specialist. My friend mc'd at 10 and she was given clomid which helped her conceive her ds. Good luck x

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