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Doctor things I misscarried (Warning Photo)

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Anonanonanon99 Tue 27-Oct-15 17:51:48

Middle of sept I had unprotected sex, took morning after pill and immediately started taking the pill as well.

After the first pack of pills I immediately started the second as I was going away and wanted to avoid a period.

Halfway through second pack I started bleeding, very light, brown spotting the slowly became watery fresh blood with mild period pains, I just put this down to breakthrough bleeding!

Then on Friday I had a heavy achy feeling down below all day and Friday night I wiped and found this on the tissue (I have never had anything like this before and it's wasn't a blood clot, the texture was to flesh like almost)

Doctor believes I was infact pregnant (maybe 6 weeks) and I misscarried and has taken bloods to check my levels.

I'm still bleeding now and it's still fresh red blood, have been bleeding for nearly 2 weeks now!

Could this poss be a miscarriage from that picture and is it possibly to miscarry at 6 weeks without pain?

laughingatweather Tue 27-Oct-15 19:18:37

I don't think many people will click on your thread because of not wanting to see the picture OP.

I think that's understandable. If the Dr said you miscarried then of it's possible. And it's possible to miscarry without pain.

Keep engaging with your Dr, that's who you should be sharing this with. I'm not sure what response you expected to posting that picture to be honest.

Take care.

Anonanonanon99 Tue 27-Oct-15 20:59:43

Just hoping someone may be able to help me, hard to take in that I possibly miscarried when I never even had a positive pregnacy test!

I have googled and googled and was just hoping someone may just be able to say to me "no that's normal I have had that during a period before"

Wasn't trying to cause upset which is why u warned in the title that pic was attached

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