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Early miscarriage

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jinjawitch Mon 26-Oct-15 00:34:13

I didn't realise I was pregnant and had an early miscarriage five weeks' ago. Shortly after (five days) my partner of nearly nine years left me and I now feel totally bereft. I can't cope with either losses and now don't have the opportunity to try again. I feel as though I should be over it by now but I'm a mess. I'm on Valium and betablockers and feel I've completely lost the plot. He told me he was relieved I miscarried and I stew on this for ages. I need to move forward but can't.

Sophia1984 Mon 26-Oct-15 15:44:32

Hi jinjawitch I'm so sorry you're going through this. Whenever a miscarriage happens it is a horrible experience, even if you didn't know you were pregnant. There's no reason to think you should be 'over' it by now, especially as you've had the added trauma of your partner leaving you and making such cruel comments. Has your doctor prescribed therapy in addition to the medication? Sending you love and strength x

LovesApples Mon 26-Oct-15 20:30:43

oh jinjawitch so, so sorry for your loss on both accounts. That is an awful lot to cope with. There are no timescales or rules to grieving a loss. It takes time to work yourself through that. I like Sophia's question about your doctor and therapy. The Miscarriage Association is quite a good resource, too and they also have a helpline. Lots of Love and strength x

Eminado Mon 26-Oct-15 20:31:36

I am so sorry this happened to you flowers

jinjawitch Mon 26-Oct-15 23:17:54

Thank you. I feel so upset so much of the time. I was given a number but there is a long wait. In the meantime I have broken and thrown things in the house and I feel out of control.

LovesApples Tue 27-Oct-15 14:50:13

Big hugs jinjawitch I hope you find some comfort soon. Anger and sadness are hard to contain. I had a rough time a few years ago and found it really good to park up underneath a railway bridge and scream my lungs out whenever a train came. All the best to you x

Sophia1984 Tue 27-Oct-15 23:30:14

If you feel really out of control and like there is a risk of you hurting yourself, please call your doctors' out of hours number or even 999 xx

Hopeneverlost Fri 30-Oct-15 16:26:57

jinjawitch, be brave now, when we fall we have to stand up again!

I had a miscarriage too and the doctor told me that if happens after few weeks means that the body reject an abnormal egg.
With a bit of time you will forget it, don't worry.
First search your friends, your family. You need support now and then try not to take too much medication. Try to relax, have a drink with your friends, have a chat with someone, try to do a yoga course, it helped me a lot! You will meet the right person soon, but first you have to be happy with yourself. Go out, Smile, life is beautiful! Be confident, happy about what you have. Do some volunteering, give love and soon you will receive love back. If you want to chat we are here to help you.
A big big hug!!!

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