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First miscarriage

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jsfm2015 Sun 25-Oct-15 13:28:48

I feel at a complete loss of emotions and confusion. Bleed started light on Friday with pain where gp advised I see how I go and retest in a week to see if it's a m/c or not as I tested negative at the apt. My LMP placed me at almost 5 weeks following a posite home test. Yesterday was pain and new pad every hour this included some clots. Today pain in my stomach and upper legs although bleeding slightly reduced. I don't feel I can retest at moment. Symptoms of pregnancy have gone just left with nausea. How long will this last? Just don't know what to think or feel right now.

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Sun 25-Oct-15 17:48:54

Hi OP.
flowers for you and wanted to say you're not alone.
Mine was a first MMC (had D&C on Wednesday) and a friend who had recurrent miscarriages but now has a healthy DS said the bleeding lasted up to 10 days.
It's shit isn't it? You don't know what to think or feel, want the physical and emotional pain to be over, want space but don't want to be alone. There are no right answers.
Can you talk to anyone in RL? [hugs]

jsfm2015 Mon 26-Oct-15 08:53:25

Sorry to hear of your loss. I don't really know who to speak to or what to do. All I've been told is 'just takes time and retest'. The bleeding has got lighter over the last couple days, this morning just brown discharge almost is this normal? Just don't know what to expect.. so confused what is actually going on. I know they said give it time but it's so hard atm. My OH is being supportive but think we're both just trying to be strong for each other

LovesApples Mon 26-Oct-15 15:28:39

Really sorry for your loss jsfm and yours, too Boneyflowers
I was bleeding for for 9-10 days, but it was getting ever lighter and more intermittent (and browner). The physical pain was getting better after about three days (when it comes in 30-second waves of crampy-crappy-stomach-pain). I felt that putting my index- and middle finger an inch over the top bridge of my nose and rubbed in a clock-wise circular motion I got a bit of relief.
It really sucks. I got a referral to an Early Pregnancy Unit from my GP. There is one quite close by. They did a scan and saw an empty gestation sack. I got rescanned a week later and the pregnancy had completely cleared. The nurse who spoke to us afterwards was very kind and professional. She pointed to the Miscarriage Association and also told my dh that he'll have some grieving to do. I kept a diary and wrote down how sad, hopeful, angry and annoyed I was and emotionally it took about six weeks to not feel resentful with other mothers and couples with kids. I've also talked to my mum, who had two mc's, my sister in law, also two, my sister, who had one and some other friends (some had mc's, others had problems conceiving). It's amazing how many are out there - reach out and you'll see.
Good luck with it all, be kind to yourself and to your OH. Hugs to you both.

Bonywasawarriorwayayix Mon 26-Oct-15 19:39:54

Hello jsfm I was going to recommend the Misscarriage Association too. I haven't been able to ring them as I'm abroad right now but a friend said they really helped her.
It is very hard. Today was supposed to be my 12 week scan, instead it's just sad (and running around after 23mo DS who I am even more grateful to have now).
Everyone says allow yourself to grieve, which is true. I've had days where I've felt glad I feel 'ok' then burst into tears shortly afterwards.
More hugs flowers

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