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Vicky12cx Wed 21-Oct-15 14:50:36

Abit confused and worrying myself like crazy!
I miscarriaged last year when I was 6 weeks 3days
I recently fount out I am now pregnant again should be 7weeks 2 days... Since last Friday I have been bleeding brown? Only enough go change my pad once a day (sorry tmi) also along with period like pains but no clotting.. I took a clear blue when the brown bleeding started and it said "pregnant 3+" I took another one this morning and it still says "pregnant 3+"
I went the doctors today and she said its all normal and if my pregnancy test still says pregnant then I am still pregnant and booked me in for an early scan tomorrow, do you think I've miscarriaged? So worried. Tia xxxx

MyNameIsSuz Wed 21-Oct-15 14:54:23

Sorry you're having this worry. I also had a few days of light brown bleeding and everything was fine, I think it must have been an implantation bleed. The hormones do take a while to leave your system though if it is a miscarriage, I think the only way to know is the scan. I hope it goes ok tomorrow, fingers crossed for you.

Vicky12cx Wed 21-Oct-15 15:04:05

This is true, which is what I said, she didn't seem to know what she was like asking about! Thank you, I'm hoping for the best ????xx

MyNameIsSuz Wed 21-Oct-15 15:08:49

I hope it works out for you tomorrow, I'll cross everything!

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