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Post-miscarriage cycles

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Raeside Thu 15-Oct-15 11:48:17

Hi there

I had an ERPC 7 weeks ago, at 10 weeks, after a missed miscarriage.

I got my first post-surgery period on 29 September, about 5 weeks post-surgery. I started temping about 3 weeks-post surgery and peeing on OPKs as soon as my period finished.

I had all the usual physical signs of ovulation, inc EWCM and positive OPKs and so did the deed on the right days as signalled by those two indicators. Interestingly I've had none of the usual post-ovulation signs I'd have gotten pre-ERPC and wondered if this had been the case for anyone else?

Normally I'd get really sore boobs as soon as I'd ovulated, it was a great way for me to know when it'd happen and be able to match that with what I'd seen on temping. This week? Nothing. Boobs as happy as larry, nary a twinge of pain or tenderness.

Obvs I'm now worried I'm not ovulating but the EWCM was so right and came on the right days, and were matched by increasingly strong OPKs (which I know only measure a pre-existing hormone so can show positive even in you're not ovulating).

How did this work for others? Did you find things on the symptom front were different post-miscarriage?

Thanks in advance....

squizita Thu 15-Oct-15 19:36:59

The first cycle after a MC is sometimes bizarre. Don't worry, your body will get back to normal but sometimes it takes a month or 2.
Did you take a pregnancy test after the operation to ensure all the placenta etc was removed so your body was no longer producing those hormones? In a few cases, retained material slows recovery so is worth checking for.

Raeside Thu 15-Oct-15 20:10:19

Thank you for answering. Yes all fine on that front, completely. I guess it's a wait and see situation.....

Faybells Fri 16-Oct-15 19:44:03


I am having similar mixed signs and doubts about ovulation. I had a complete miscarriage in july (confirmed by scan and negative pregnancy test). Got my first period 4.5 weeks later. Checked for ewcm and did ovulation tests. Did the deed when we should have. 3 periods pregnancy. It took us 3 months to get pregnant before and i know it fan take longer. Im not panicking. But i am beginning to wonder if i am actually ovulating. I used to feel strong and noticeable twinge in my ovary for the day i was ovulating. I also used to get quote irritable. But now....nothing. the ewcm is there, but actually the ovulation tests are a bit weak and inconsistent. So im really doubting it.

Can you have periods without ovulating? And can the positive ovulation tests be false?

Im sort of trying not to think about it or research it too much and just go with the flow, but i am curious!

Just feel like i dont have a clue what mh body is doing anymore and i used to be so in tune with it.

KittyandTeal Fri 16-Oct-15 19:48:35

My cycles are really messed up after loosing dd2 in Jan. They started being fairly normal and are now getting weirder and weirder! The opposite of what should happen.

I have noticed since my loss I have way more symptoms of ovulation and pmt than I did before.

squizita Sun 18-Oct-15 15:19:06

Just as reassurance I had rmc - 3 losses close together. My cycles were messed up BUT as I was forced to take a break ttc for testing I waited, took vitamin B complex, vitamin D and a "well woman" vitamin with omega oils (had a chat with a dietician friend who felt I might be run down) and my cycles got better. When I ttc again it took 2 months only ... and the pregnancy went fine. smile

Raeside Sun 18-Oct-15 16:23:16

Lovely thanks everyone!

I'm taking the conception pregnacare, omega-3, C-Q10 abd Evening Primrose in attempts to balance things and improve aged eggs.....

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