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Looking for options after second miscarriage

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pofiterole Wed 14-Oct-15 20:40:34

Two early miscarriages and over 40 so time running out...Any suggestions for consultants in london/Herts area - i'll spend every last penny. I want to see someone now rather than have to wait for the third miscarriage to see someone on the nhs. Just wondering if anyone out there has had any similar experiences - suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

Iggi999 Fri 16-Oct-15 15:50:31

Any indications of what might be wrong - eg for me I had thyroid issues, suggesting it might be an immune issue - Hassan Shehata in London is very good for this. I think you can see Lesley Regan privately too, but she applies different treatments. RMC thread on here will be full of experts.

BumbleBee0 Fri 16-Oct-15 17:58:13

I felt like this after my 2nd mc, couldn't try again blindly without doing something. I went to Coventry hospital and had a uterine biopsy to check for high uterine NK cells. I saw professors Jan Brossens and Siobhan Quenby. My results came back high so I was treated with low dose steroids for my next pg. however, even if your results are normal they tend to still recommend heparin and progesterone up to 12 wks to support the pregnancy. So I had these too.
I am now 21wks pg and would highly recommend going there if you can travel. It costs £360 and is only a one off visit for the biopsy.

limon Sat 17-Oct-15 08:21:11

I had three miscarriages at 42 then pregnant again at 43. No issues found through testing but I did take two baby aspirin a day after a positive test during fourth pregnancy on medical advice. DD is now nearly four. Good luck.

rightsaidthread Sat 17-Oct-15 08:26:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sarahlilley Sat 17-Oct-15 11:52:51

I'm finding it very hard after my second miscarriage in March it's coming up to my due date. After this miscarriage my periods r late n I'm finding it hard to fell pregnant again. After my first miscarriage it took me 3 years to fell pregnant it's all so hard

Kacie123 Sat 17-Oct-15 12:11:00

I've been referred to Siobhan Quenby - appointments in December.

It's all so fucking hard and most of the time somedays is all I think about. The due dates have been horrible.

thanks and hope we all have experts helping us have "happy endings" soon.

NickyT100 Fri 04-Nov-16 21:39:45

Hi all,

studies prove no link between natural killer cells and miscarriage, please read this official nhs guidance before embarking on any treatment.

There are many consultants out there who have been offering treatment since 1999 and within the 17year timeframe they have been unable to offer any evidence of its effectiveness. Any consultant offering treatment is at best misguided & at worst a charlatan.

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