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here we go again :(

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MrsH08 Wed 14-Oct-15 20:07:50

hi all,
I haven't posted on here before but am feeling the need for like minded people tonight! My baby making experience has been fraught and emotional and difficult and whilst I am more than aware that my experience is nowhere near as bad as some others I am feeling a little broken today.

I am lucky enough to have 2 beautiful boys (nearly 6 yrs & just turned 1)

Getting pregnant with no:2 was very distressing - we had trouble getting pregnant and then I had 2 missed miscarriages (12 weeks scans are terrifying for me) both ending in an ERPC. I also had to have one of my fallopian tubes removed in emergency surgery due to a torsion.

recently we started trying for No:3 - husband not overly keen but knows how much it means to me to have another child.

I was delighted to get a positive first response test last week and spent 4 days doing countless tests and becoming more and more excited. However on Monday (i'm not sure when my period was due as my cycle all over the place) i did 5 tests over the day and they all started coming back negative.

Then Monday night I started bleeding heavily. I'm guessing I have suffered a chemical pregnancy. I am devastated - I was just starting to imagine our life with number 3 - would love a smaller gap between no:2 and no:3 and to be honest now I am terrified its going to keep happening.

I'm not sure me and hubby can manage another experience like last time.

Sorry to moan - had anyone had similar experiences?

thanks in advance

Justgetknitting Fri 16-Oct-15 01:24:01

Hello, I see no one responded to you and I thought I should say hello.

I myself have come looking for some like minded people, and I've not been through what you have been through I just can't imagine it - to have a missed miscarriage that must be so very hard X

I have had another chemical pregnancy (I really hate this term but that's the term) and it's devastating, no other way to describe it utterly devastating

So I guess I just feel for you, and understand how it feels X

I wish you much love and hope your ok

MrsH08 Fri 16-Oct-15 12:27:30

Thank you - I appreciate your message. I'm sorry for your loss also.
Things are tough but hoping things will work better next time - good luck with everything.

Brenna24 Sun 18-Oct-15 20:55:18

I have little experience to offer you, just a hug. I am currently suffering my first missed miscarriage and it sucks. I have no other kids and just have to hope that this is a one off and not the start of a saga of similar events. I hope and pray for you that the next one works and want to send you a lot of love and positivity.

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