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Supplemental progesterone / Cyclogest for early miscarriage

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Chudders2012 Tue 22-Sep-15 21:22:21

I have been posting this article about supplemental progesterone on a few threads where ladies are asking about it, so I thought I would post it here too. I did a lot of research in to progesterone for early miscarriages after suffering two myself. Now, currently 23 weeks pregnant after taking progesterone up to week 14 (I weaned myself off it very slowly) I am a firm believer in the stuff. Though for some reason doctors don't believe in it much!

There is an outline of the Cochrane review in to the matter here:

Though my doctor was reluctant to prescribe me progesterone I showed him the research I had done and pretty much demanded he prescribe it. He eventually backed down and agreed. The thing is, there is no serious side effects that anyone knows about and so I strongly feel that doctors should prescribe it to women at risk of miscarriage. I hope the article posted above in this thread helps some women. The Cochrane review research is referenced at the bottom of that article. Show the Cochrane review research to your doctor - it worked for me!!

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