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Need some handholding

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Alonzi Fri 18-Sep-15 17:55:05

Have had 3 mcs this year. A few weeks ago one of my friends had her baby on what would have been my due date for the pregnancy that went on the longest. Today a close friend at work announced she was three months pregnant. I know this is pathetic - but I can't stop crying. What do I do?

sizethree Fri 18-Sep-15 19:27:24

You are dealing with it absolutely normally. It's really heartbreaking and you can be happy for people and sad for yourself at the same time. Be kind to yourself and know that this is a grieving process and in time things won't feel so raw.
I too have suffered 3 losses and know the pain of others news.
When I feel most sad I sit in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and have a cry. You can never cry long with bubbles and booze!

Sophia1984 Fri 18-Sep-15 21:41:01

So sorry to hear about your losses and that you're finding things tough Alonzi :-( My best school friend and two of my cousins announced they were due in March, just before I miscarried at 7 weeks. I think March is going to be hard for me as I would have been due in April. It's not pathetic at all - it's completely normal. What sometimes helps me is to think that I never know what someone else has been through to get to that baby announcement - whether it was infertility or miscarriages - there is so much we don't talk about openly and it makes things so difficult for us x

amymb86 Sun 20-Sep-15 23:51:11

I completely agree with the above comments. You're completely in your right to feel upset. Especially after what you have been through. I don't know about everyone else, but I've never seen so many pregnant women, adverts etc linked to babies/pregnancy. I have to do the same thing as Sophia and tell myself that I don't know what the women have been through as no one seems to talk about it. Have you tried counselling? It sounds like you've been through a lot this year. And having to deal with friends announcements is hard. Something that has always helped me is writing down all my feelings in a letter. It always makes me feel better. Lots of love to you xxx

caza25 Wed 23-Sep-15 20:03:42

I have had 3 m/c this year too. Also my best friend and my sister both are having babies around the due dates that I was due. It is very hard and very hurtful. It is normal to be sad and I have cried loads. I am happy for my friend and sister but feel very lonely, especially as they never ask how I am feeling but I have to ask how they are feeling. I am trying to be positive but there are days when I struggle to be positive. We will get through it, I am trying to think of positive things to get me through it, this includes chatting with people on here who understand what we are going through. This helps me to understand, we are not alone, ther are people going through it and have gone through it and have come out the other end. xx

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