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Pain after medical management?

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Considerphebas Thu 10-Sep-15 18:16:44

After a mmc at 12 weeks (baby measuring around 8+3) I had medical management. 4 misoprostol pills on Tuesday, cramping and bleeding started at about 7pm and passsed 2 big clots and then bled heavily for about 3 hours. Since then it's more like a heavy period with occasional heavier bits but the cramping is still as bad as the first day and I'm now getting stabbing pains as well? Any experience of wether this is normal-ish? EPAU were lively but just said to test in 2 weeks and it sounded like everything was working? I hate the lack of information! (Not helped by the fact that I've had a phone call from my midwife to make an appointment, an appointment with antenatal consultant and a scan date all since Monday! Communication not working!)

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