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Miscarriage symtoms

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Cherrypie5 Thu 27-Aug-15 16:43:45

Hi I had mmc at 12 weeks back in June resulting in an erpc.
I fell pregnant again after my first cycle, but started brown spotting on Sunday at what I thought was 6 weeks.
I had a scan at the epu yesterday showing just a sac and yolk sac, measuring 5+4 and was booked in for another scan in 10 days to check for growth.
However... After some cramping yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening I had sudden gush of red blood (no clots) that filled a pad in about 10 minutes, after than I bled red lightly/moderately for a few hours then it stopped. I had a few cramps over night and this afternoon and but no bleeding overnight/this morning, but am now just spotting again only when I wipe (reddish brown).
My question is, if you have a miscarriage at 5/6 weeks is it normal for it to stop and start? Surely this can't be it, I only bled moderately heavy for a few hours with no clots (unless they went down the loo, can't be sure) I just fear there is more to come sad

CottonSock Thu 27-Aug-15 21:50:28

It might be it all passed, or you could pass more. I once passed a sac a couple of weeks after bleeding (with no pain or blood), which took me by surprise. I had a Epau scan later that day which confirmed.
This time I passed it all without much more that a heavy period. I was 6 weeks, but probably less gestation.
They will tell you at your follow up either way. You are not far off your dates though, if you don't feel the bleeding was much, maybe chance of good news?

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