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just started what looks like 4th MC. Feeling like I should give up...

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CottonSock Mon 24-Aug-15 09:42:47

Did anyone else out there decide Enough was Enough at any point? I am blessed to have a 2 year old daughter. Maybe I should focus on her and she will be an only child and not have a sibling. So, instead of planning for another baby, I should work less and be with her more before she starts school. I am seriously considering reducing my working hours. What is she is my only baby. ...

It hurts to think that I won't have another, but I feel like I am spending my life TTC, stressing about MC in early pregnancy, then having a miscarriage and then TTC again. I'm 37. I had two MC before my daughter and two since.

Sorry to those reading this who have not have their one rainbow baby yet. I know I am blessed to have mine

KittyandTeal Tue 25-Aug-15 14:04:13

I'm so sorry you're going through this.

I have an almost 3yo. Our dd2 was diagnosed with T18 and was stillborn at 22 weeks in jan. I haven't suffered any mc but I understand the grief.

We have just started ttc again. I am now having a huge wobble (I am now 'high' risk and risk increases with age)

I've also started thinking maybe dd1 would be better as an only, with both of our attention and more importantly, without me stressing about being pregnant.

CottonSock Tue 25-Aug-15 14:41:29

I'm sorry about your loss kitty, that sounds truly awful.

I'm in early days and I tend to react to these things by making a plan, so I was also having a think about adoption as a possible option this morning.

I asked dh what he felt last night about if we stopped trying. I think he would go with what I want, as he was keen for referral to fertility clinic too.

Wish I had a crystal ball

KittyandTeal Tue 25-Aug-15 16:07:05

It's such a hard decision isn't it? I just feel like I've started putting so much time and emotional energy into ttc, thinking about diet, exercise, when I'm ovulating, dtd at the right time, symptom spotting. After months of dark grief it seems that our dd1 has really lost out.

Since mentally switching to 'we'll see what happens' rather than an active ttc I've noticed I'm much more focussed on dd1 and enjoying her for all she is.

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