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Baby aspirin after first miscarriage advice please

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frowner Sun 16-Aug-15 15:06:27

Hi, after having a mmc at 14+5 (baby measured 11+5) on June 12th my husband and I are ready to start ttc again. I am really confused about whether or not I should take baby aspirin if I get pregnant again. I had basic clotting screen blood tests done at my GP surgery which were negative, but I have read that some women only develop clotting problems during pregnancy. As it was 'only' my first miscarriage the GP just says it's bad luck and that I should do nothing different next time. Are there huge risks with taking baby aspirin without medical advice, any advice and thoughts on this would be very much appreciated. Has anyone else decided to take it after their first miscarriage? Many thanks

bakingtins Sun 16-Aug-15 22:58:49

The major centres for recurrent miscarriage (St Mary's and Coventry University Hospital) advise against taking baby aspirin unless you have a diagnosed clotting disorder, recent research indicates it increases the number of women who miscarry by interfering with implantation.

frowner Mon 17-Aug-15 07:53:13

Thank you very much for this information. What about after implantation?

bakingtins Mon 17-Aug-15 19:57:15

Implantation is not a one-off event, it's a process that continues until the placenta is mature enough to take over maintaining the pregnancy at around 10 weeks. There's a lot of anecdotes about women who miscarried and then took aspirin and were fine - but the likelihood is they'd have been fine anyway, since suffering a single miscarriage does not increase your risk of one in a subsequent pregnancy.
I should have said that I'm sorry you are in the position to be wondering about this - my reply was a bit brusque - sorry! flowers
I think the aspirin is something that a lot of GPs etc have suggested as something to do to give women a bit of positivity that things are different this time. I had aspirin/progesterone prescribed by a doctor after 3 MC and normal tests - still went on to MC a 4th time, then saw someone (Coventry) who actually knew what they are talking about and got the proper treatment (progesterone, heparin, steroids for diagnosed high NK cells)

frowner Tue 18-Aug-15 08:04:35

Thank you for your reply and advice, and not to worry no offence taken. Sorry for your losses also. I guess I'm just clutching at straws really, looking for answers and hope where it feels that there currently is none. Do you have a link for that recent research you were referring to please?

bakingtins Tue 18-Aug-15 20:38:06

I don't know exactly which piece of research CUH are basing their advice on, only that no aspirin is their advice to their patients (I was one) and that St Mary's have said the same to women on the recurrent miscarriage threads who are patients there.

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